Zilliant Introduces Real-Time Pricing Engine ™ to Deliver the Dynamic Pricing Capabilities Needed in the Digital Age


AUSTIN, Texas – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Zilliant, the industry leader in intelligent software for B2B price optimization, price management and sales guidance, today introduced the Real-Time Pricing Engine ™, a new product that enables business-to-business (B2B) businesses to calculate and provide prices in real time. to any trading system.

Executing pricing logic and delivering real-time pricing across digital commerce channels is often beyond the capabilities of many businesses’ existing pricing engines. The Zilliant Real-time pricing engine ™ addresses the growing need for a faster, more robust way to handle the pricing requests of complex omnichannel B2B businesses. The solution’s high-availability, high-performance REST API with guaranteed 99.99% uptime instantly performs complex pricing logic and performs complex calculations, including external data searches, to deliver pricing to anyone. which ERP, CRM, CPQ, e-commerce platform or mobile application.

“Our goal is to help customers propel intelligent commerce into the digital age, and the Real-Time Pricing Engine ™ is one of the most effective tools to do this,” said Greg Peters, President and CEO from the management of Zilliant. “Companies looking to be more aggressive in their approach to pricing are no longer constrained by the limitations of existing systems. With real-time pricing, they can perform complex pricing calculations in milliseconds.

The rise of B2B digital commerce demands real-time pricing

Gartner has mentioned pricing as one of the main functional components of a commerce platform. In the report, “Leverage the core capabilities of a digital commerce platform“Says Gartner,” pricing “may need to be real-time if pricing is very dynamic. Real-time ERP integrations are fraught with performance risks, so often layers of caching or other forms of ERP protection must be in place. [The] the interaction of pricing with promotional engines can be complex and should be approached with caution. Price management is an area of ​​increasing sophistication and disruption. Third-party point solutions are often required to take advantage of innovations.1

“36% of B2B buyers say the inability to get the best price online is a significant barrier to doing more business through the digital commerce channel,” said Mark Lewis, senior research director at Gartner, in a report.2 “To unlock these potential buyers, it is essential to use an AI-powered, real-time, value-based pricing engine that can take into account competition, customer profile, inventory availability, etc. to offer the best price for each purchasing situation. . Not all customers have to see the same prices. This model is used successfully to optimize the profits of airlines, hotels and car rental companies. In this situation, customers need to understand that they are seeing a spot price that can go up or down. More importantly, they must get the same spot price regardless of the interaction between the channels. “2

Zilliant Real-Time Pricing Engine ™ ─ in conjunction with Zilliant Price Manager ™ ─ addresses the need for a third-party point solution to efficiently manage and host pricing logic and reliably calculate and deliver the correct price for a customer on time real. In practice, each transaction or request for quotation triggers a construction or a complex price search to determine the right price, as well as the taxes, fees and discounts that result from it. In addition, the proliferation of scenarios that require on-demand pricing is vast; it is not uncommon for tens of thousands of price requests to pass through a company on a daily basis through various channels. Businesses can dramatically increase the speed, accuracy, and consistency of pricing, as well as the price negotiation process, by using Real-Time Pricing Engine ™ and Price Manager ™ to automate negotiations, counterbids and approvals according to predefined parameters.

Learn more about real-time pricing and the Zilliant ™ Real-Time Pricing Engine.

1Gartner, “Harness the Core Capabilities of a Digital Commerce Platform,” Mike Lowndes, Christina Klock, published September 4, 2019 and updated February 9, 2021.

2Gartner, “Increase Profits and Delight Buyers by Becoming a Digital-First Omnichannel B2B Seller”, Mark Lewis, April 1, 2021.

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