Zavarovalnica Triglav dd: A new fire engine for a safer future for the inhabitants of Črna na Koroškem


For eight years now, Zavarovalnica Triglav has supported prevention projects nationwide through its New Year’s campaign “For a better future”. Supporting firefighters is one of Triglav’s annual priorities. On this occasion, the insurance company lent a hand to the volunteer firefighters of Črna na Koroškem for the purchase of a modern and combined firefighting and rescue vehicle, called “kombinirka” (a “Combined”) in firefighter jargon. This vehicle allows all kinds of interventions, its greatest advantage being an extended cabin, which allows firefighters to be equipped with breathing apparatus even when going to the intervention site.

“Firefighters are among the first to come to the aid of an accident and the right equipment is essential for a quick and successful response. Only well-equipped firefighters can ensure that they and residents who need help are safe. In the light of our main mission, to provide a safer future, Zavarovalnica Triglav has decided to help the volunteer firefighters of Črna na Koroškem to buy a modern and combined firefighting and rescue vehicle ”, Tonja Vinkl Vončina , director of the Slovenj Gradec regional office of Zavarovalnica Triglav, explained the latest New Year prevention campaign.

The right equipment for faster and better service
In recent years, interventions have mainly consisted of dealing with fires, technical interventions and assistance in the event of an accident involving dangerous substances. The fleet of volunteer firefighters in Črna na Koroškem currently lacks a vehicle that would allow all these interventions to be successfully implemented.

In addition to full firefighting equipment, the combination vehicle they intend to purchase also includes an extended cabin, which allows firefighters to wear breathing apparatus even when traveling to the area. intervention site. In practice, this mainly allows them to intervene more quickly, because they arrive on the site fully equipped. The vehicle chassis is also suitable for driving on hilly terrain.

“The new vehicle will greatly improve the tactical functioning of firefighters. It is a basic vehicle that will allow us to engage in all types of interventions. With this purchase we will catch up with trends in fire fighting techniques, ”said Dejan Jamnik, president of the Črna na Koroškem Volunteer Fire Department.

Eight years of campaigning and more than 200 projects
Slovenia’s largest insurer has been running its “Better Tomorrow” New Year’s prevention campaign for eight years now. Over the past seven years, Zavarovalnica Triglav has supported more than 180 prevention projects across the country, and 25 more have received support this year, a total of over 200. In recent years, the company has co-funded the purchase of defibrillators, ultrasound and ECG machines and other life-saving medical devices have supported a large number of other projects in the areas of health, civil protection, flood mitigation and road safety, and have helped many fire brigades across the country.

In previous editions of the New Year’s prevention campaign in the regional unit of Slovenj Gradec, Triglav helped the Druga osnovna šola Slovenj Gradec primary school to buy safety mats to be placed in front of the school; in addition, Triglav helped the Slovenj Gradec community health center to buy a new ECG machine and supported the investment in the ski resort of Kope which puts the safety of the youngest skiers at the forefront.

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