‘Work of an amateur mechanic who opened the engine but does not know how to put it back’


Opposition leader in Haryana Vidhan Sabha Bhupinder Singh Hooda on Monday tore up the budget for 2022-23 presented by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar calling it “the work of an amateur mechanic who opened an engine but did not don’t know how to put it back together”.

He said “the budget is just event management and disappointing”.

Citing facts and figures in the House, Hooda said, “When the budget was introduced on International Women’s Day, it was expected that a big announcement would be made for women. But the demands of the Asha and Anganwadi workers, who have been agitating for a long time, have been ignored. The government has said this is a tax free budget, but where will the government put the burden on the people in the name of inflation? Inflation is an illegal tax. Inflation may not cause any visible injury, but pain is felt by all sections”.

Targeting the BJP-JJP coalition, Hooda said, “This government continues to brandish the slogan of minimum government and maximum governance but in Haryana the government has only implemented half of this slogan. About a lakh of positions are vacant in ministries. There are no teachers in the schools, no doctors in the hospitals and no employees in the offices. By not recruiting staff, the government has done the job of minimizing itself. The government does not hold gram panchayat elections to fulfill its slogan of maximum governance. He postpones the elections but makes useless appointments like the good Sushashan Sahyogis”.

“The state faces multiple problems but the government has no solutions to offer. The state faces problems such as inflation, unemployment, corruption, agrarian crisis, deterioration of public order, economic slowdown, falling investment, rising debt, falling levels of education, health services, employee dissatisfaction, poor road conditions, increased poverty and depletion of forests. there are no solutions in sight,” said the former CM.

Regarding the growing debt, Hooda said the alliance government had pushed Haryana into a trap. “The borrowing rate is higher than the growth rate of the GSDP. The government must take out loans even to repay the debt. If seen in total, today Haryana has a debt of around Rs 3 lakh crore,” he said.

On the issue of unemployment, referring to the CMIE report to the House, Hooda said, “The BJP was seeking votes in the UP by showing the report which the Haryana government rejected. The government turns a blind eye to the problem instead of taking steps to reduce unemployment. He was talking about the implementation of the new education policy and the plan was to spend 6% of the GSDP on education. Far from increasing education spending, the budget was cut by 1%. The attitude of the government towards education can be gauged by the fact that there are 46 colleges in the state, which do not even have their own building and 127 colleges do not even have a principal. Similarly, in the health sector, the government has announced for many years the establishment of medical colleges in each district, but no medical college has been built so far”.

Referring to farmers, Hooda said nearly half of the payment for sugarcane farmers is pending. “Farmers don’t get MSPs for different crops, including bajra, and those who grow vegetables like potatoes have to sell their produce at a loss. Neither the farmers get the right crop rate, nor the DAP and urea on time.
The government has talked about doubling farmers’ income by 2022, but farmers know the reality. If the government wants to double the income of the farmers, then it should have increased the rate of sugar cane, which was Rs 310 in our government to Rs 620, until now.

Hooda also raised the issue of ignoring sportspeople. “There is discrimination against hearing impaired players. They should receive the same prize as other players if they win a medal. Likewise, quotas for athletes in category A, B and C jobs should continue,” he said.

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