WinGD and Chord X will bring CII information to engine users in a new partnership


Swiss marine energy company WinGD has signed a proof-of-concept agreement with emissions data specialist Chord X to develop digital solutions focused on sustainability in shipping. Among several areas of development, the partnership aims to provide vessel operators with component-level information on Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) ratings.

The collaboration aims to provide visibility into how engine performance affects the vessel’s overall operational efficiency, as outlined under IMO’s incoming CII regulations. By combining WinGD’s WiDE engine diagnostics platform with Chord X’s ecoMax ship emissions analysis solution, owners and operators can drill down into their current or projected CII ratings to see if engine operation can be optimized to improve odds.

The connection between the two systems will allow operators to see how future travel will affect CII ratings, as well as project ratings for years to come as regulations require greater efficiency improvements. Combined with a better understanding of engine performance, this provides a valuable tool to help plan fleet utilization and manage maintenance priorities.

“Partnering with WinGD will enable us to provide the best machine-GES integration, which WinGD and Chord X will design for the next generation of marine main engines,” said Tin Wei Hong, Head of Business and Partnership of Chord X. “Together , we will unleash the full potential of data-driven marine prime mover operation and enable our customers to take the best path to success in the new digital navigation landscape.

“This collaboration comes just when our industry needs greater visibility into the effectiveness of GHG reduction technologies,” said WinGD COO Rudolf Holtbecker. “By combining WinGD’s advanced engine technology innovation and Chord X’s focus on the emissions profile of vessel operations, vessel owners can directly connect emissions calculations to enhanced machine analysis. “

By integrating data from WiDE, ecoMax can provide an even more accurate analysis of engine emissions. Conversely, WinGD users can connect their engine information from WiDE to a well-established ship emissions analysis platform that has already been approved by DNV as a means of reporting CII performance.

The strategic cooperation will extend beyond CII to other areas where improved accuracy of emissions data – and the ability to optimize or troubleshoot engine performance – can benefit vessel operators. For example, if operators are required to comply with emissions trading schemes or carbon pricing, a simple fractional reduction in emissions can lead to significant savings.

As part of this partnership, WinGD customers will be able to access the WiDE and ecoMax platforms. Users will be able to move between the two platforms with a single click, allowing quick and easy comparison of emissions performance at vessel and engine level.

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