Windstream Enterprise Announces Insights Engine Enhancements for Managed SD-WAN with Fortinet


New summaries in WE Connect to provide deeper insight and optimize network performance

Windstream Enterprise (WE), a provider of managed communications services, has released new enhancements available to its SD-WAN managed service offering with Fortinet through the WE Connect Insights engine to help customers optimize their networks.

The WE Connect Insight Engine provides summary and detailed information about the performance of an organization’s entire network, as well as individual endpoints. It continuously gathers, assesses and creates a historical record of data that allows users to see trends over time and provides enhanced visibility and reporting capabilities unmatched in the industry.

“The WE Connect Insight Engine gives customers a 360-degree view of their applications, circuits and devices, providing real-time visibility and actionable insights,” said Mike Frane, vice president of product management, Windstream Enterprise . “This Insight Engine highlights areas of underperformance within their network to help mitigate network issues that can limit connectivity and business productivity. ”

New summaries in the WE Connect Insight Engine for Windstream Enterprise Managed SD-WAN with Fortinet add additional tools to help customers optimize their networks, including:

  • Summary of sites: Provides an overview of the site condition of all locations, drawing attention to those that are offline or degraded so that action can be taken. Sites Digest shows where bandwidth is increasing and which sites have the highest throughput, latency, jitter, or packet loss.
  • Device summary: Shows top devices using bandwidth across all locations on a network to identify devices using significantly more bandwidth than others, which can indicate possible configuration errors or unexpected activity. In particular, Device Digest shows which devices have significantly increased bandwidth usage over the past 30 days, and identifies new devices active on the network in the past seven days.

“We are proud to partner with Windstream Enterprise and its WE Connect Insights Engine for SD-WAN with Fortinet,” said John Maddison, CMO and EVP of Products, Fortinet. “The Fortinet-based Secure SD-WAN managed solution, combined with the WE Connect Insight Engine, provides businesses with the tools to better understand their network’s performance and evolution over time, as well as bandwidth consumption. through apps and devices. . ”

“These enhancements give our customers deeper insight into the performance of their network and applications, which translates into a greater degree of visibility and control over how to optimize networks and costs and ultimately account, to make better business decisions, ”said Mike Flannery, Marketing Director of Windstream. Business.

Windstream Enterprise’s WE Connect portal enables customers to take advantage of several provided services including SD-WAN Concierge ™, OfficeSuite® UC and UCaaS / CCaaS offers, Cloud Connect and advanced WiFi services.

To learn more about the WE Connect Insights Engine for SD-WAN with Fortinet, visit


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