WellAI Announces Availability of AI-Based Medical Education Engine and Diagnostic Health Assistant



Delivering innovation through the most advanced medical information engine and diagnostic solution based on machine learning and artificial intelligence for healthcare and insurance organizations

At WellAI, we have created something truly unique in diagnostics that has multiple use cases for businesses and consumers.

— Daniel Satchkov, Technical Director

SHERIDAN, WYOMING, USA, Sept. 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — WellAI, an innovative healthcare technology company, is pleased to announce the commercial availability of the AI-based medical education engine and the self-learning. The engine forms the basis of the WellAI digital health assistant – one of the most accurate and comprehensive diagnostic tools.

WellAI is known for its unique AI-driven medical information engine. It is the only solution to use NLP/AI and true machine learning in over 30 million medical publications to enable accurate diagnosis of over 500 health conditions, from rare diseases to common conditions. It offers one of the highest accuracy rates for advanced symptom checkers. The engine forms the basis of the Digital Health Triage Assistant which is self-contained and has recently been integrated into a configurable and integrated digital gateway solution for mobile patient engagement.

Daniel Satchkov, Co-Founder/Head of Engineering “We have created something truly unique in diagnostics that has multiple use cases for businesses and consumers. In healthcare, WellAI has already increased the efficiency of front office workflows and improved onboarding and scheduling. and patient outcomes. I am excited to work with like-minded innovators who can see future opportunities to improve patient care and outcomes and improve member engagement in the employer marketplace. We believe co-innovation is a critical growth path for WellAI and are well positioned to help align practices and insurers with the seismic shifts happening in healthcare today.

The development of new solutions is supported by a team of internationally recognized data scientists who have gone beyond the frontiers of neural network technology and AI. Daniel Satchkov is known for developing breakthrough solutions in the financial services industry and for developing the first Web3 social media network incorporating Bitcoin, blockchain and AI called Bastyon. Whether it’s a digital gateway, a medical education solution, a diagnostic tool, or an integrative platform for remote patient monitoring, the ability to Using WellAI’s self-learning medical engine and digital health triage assistant is wide open. WellAI is actively seeking co-innovation partners who want to bring their solutions to market by integrating our cutting-edge technology.

About WellAI:
Founded in 2020, WellAI (named after Wellness Artificial Intelligence), an AI-based health technology company, is the developer of scientifically and technologically advanced medical applications. WellAI engineers, fresh out of the development of a COVID-19 research tool (presented at the IFCC annual conference), leveraged their expertise to develop an advanced clinical diagnostic tool (triage solution) for physicians, caregivers and employees/individuals. The company is the developer of digital health triage assistant, WellAI for medical providers and adaptive self-learning AI diagnostic engine, and provides customized solutions. Currently, the company is focused on providing solutions for healthcare, but plans to expand the diagnostic engine into other business segments.

For more information on WellAI, please visit wellai.health or visit the LinkedIN page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wellailc.

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