Watch This Unreal Engine 5 Video And Tell Us You’re Not Desperate For Bloodborne 2


If you’re anything like us, the idea of ​​Bloodborne 2 has us dreaming of what a hypothetical sequel to the excellent gothic action-RPG would look like. What dark corners of the world would we explore? What horrors would await us there? It’s enough to make someone sick. Enter a recently released Unreal Engine 5 montage – which aims to further explore the premise.

Uploaded to Youtube by Enfant Terrible, this video compiles a range of Unreal Engine 5 projects from a range of talented creators, all leaning into that dark tone that helps make Bloodborne the beloved game it is today. today.

Watch the fan trailer for yourself here!

It features rain-soaked streets, ornately decorated mansions, ravaged and neglected pathways, and tall spiers rising skyward. Although sometimes the video is a little shocking when the works of different artists are mixed together, the video makes a good argument to define a potential Bloodborne 2 in the engine. Some of the projects highlighted really look like you could drop a hunter with a saw in his hand directly on it.

That being said, some aren’t entirely sold on the merits of this trailer. One of the most popular comments on the video from user djbeema says, “Awesome work, but everything looks too nice and clean, and it lacks the atmosphere of Bloodborne locations.” This review is of course correct – you can’t merge different projects and expect to achieve the same tonal consistency that the team at From Software are so good at establishing.

If you need to remember what Bloodborne looks like, watch the original trailer!

That being said, you can’t watch this fan-made trailer and not see the appeal. If nothing else, this acts as even more proof of the gaming communities’ thirst for more Bloodborne. Let us know what you think of the trailer below, and if you think Unreal Engine 5 is suitable for a hypothetical sequel.

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