Volvo Owner Geely Partners With China’s Largest Self-Driving Car Search Engine Company


Geely, the Chinese owner of Volvo, Lotus and Polestar, will work with Chinese research giant Baidu to develop electric cars, which will feature connected and autonomous technologies.

According to reports, the two companies form a partnership, which will create a new sub-brand for vehicles. They will be built on Geely’s electric platform and will be equipped with mapping and infotainment features developed by Baidu.

With that in mind, we can think of this as a Chinese version of Android Automotive, which in this case was first shown in another vehicle made by Geely, the Polestar 2.

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Like Google, Baidu doesn’t just develop web search technology. Its subsidiaries have been developing autonomous vehicles for eight years.

AutoCar Reports that some of these technologies will be found in new cars made by Baidu and Geely.

The partnership would be part of Baidu’s desire to diversify its activities and no longer depend on advertising revenue from research, TechCrunch Reports.

Due to the China-centric nature of Baidu, I wouldn’t expect this sub-brand of vehicles to be available outside the country – especially when Geely has brands like The polar star, Lynk & Co. and Volvo positioned to serve other markets.

Indeed, Geely and Baidu have not indicated whether the partnership will extend beyond car R&D for its new sub-brand. So we’ll have to wait and see if the features spill over to Geely’s other brands or remain exclusive to its Baidu partnership.

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