Virtual Engine partners with Corel to attract new customers


Virtual Engine provides secure remote access through Parallels Remote Application Server.

virtual engine is a company specializing in end-user IT solutions for organizations in the UK and Europe. Virtual Engine also operates as a managed service provider (MSP), consultancy, and software reseller. Beyond that, the company designs, implements, and supports end-user and cloud computing solutions for a broad customer base of all sizes.

Virtual Engine first partnered with Parallels (a division of Corel) in 2019. Virtual Engine had two customers who were looking for a remote access solution for their organizations. After researching the market, Virtual Engine determined that Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) would be best suited.

The Parallels RAS Difference

While researching potential solutions, Virtual Engine discovered that Parallels RAS would be easy to implement, cost-effective, and simple to manage, unlike many similar products on the market.

Under the Corel Partner Program, Parallels is also known to work closely with its partners to ensure that its solutions meet changing customer demands. All Corel Partners receive ongoing training and support resources so Partners can quickly onboard new customers while building trust and long-term loyalty, which Virtual Engine knew to be extremely beneficial.

A partnership that attracts new customers

With the rise of remote working and many organizations adopting a hybrid working model, security is a priority for most organizations. By partnering with Parallels RAS, Virtual Engine can offer its customers a solution that provides secure remote access to virtual desktops and applications.

Through his collaboration with Parallels RASVirtual Engine has been able to attract many new prospects and customers as the demand for remote working solutions continues to increase.

“The Parallels team listens to its customers and is able to adapt its product to ensure that it meets our customers’ needs,” said Steve Whitfield, director of sales at Virtual Engine. With Parallels RAS, Virtual Engine can turn what were once just customer wishes into reality.

Virtual Engine’s partnership with Corel has since evolved: the company is now a Corel Platinum Partner. This partnership grants Virtual Engine access to the highest level of the Corel Partner Program, including go-to-market campaigns, lead sharing, and a host of other benefits.

Why partner with Corel?

The Corel Partner Program enables companies to meet their customers’ most pressing business needs while accelerating their own profitability and growth. Besides Parallels, the Corel product portfolio includes CorelDRAW, MindManager, and WinZip.

Key benefits of joining the Partner Program include:

  • Grow your business. Create new opportunities, increase profitability and differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Strengthen customer loyalty. Offer Corel’s broad portfolio of innovative creativity and productivity solutions to meet your customers’ ever-changing needs.
  • Leverage training resources and materials. Grow with us and achieve mutual success by accessing our library of partner resources, available 24/7 through our partner portal.
  • Do business with ease. Our partner program is based on accountability, consistency and transparency to ensure things always run smoothly.

Learn more about the many benefits of becoming a Corel Partner.

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