Vampire Survivors will reach version 1.0 on October 20, will switch to the new engine by the end of the year



Vampire Survivors will arrive in version 1.0 on October 20. Developer ponce today announced the release date as planned, but didn’t specify what new features the full release would contain, so its additions are still a surprise.

While reaching 1.0 means leaving Early Access, it’s also not the end of development for Vampire Survivors. Work on porting the game to a new engine continues with the goal of “releasing it by the end of the year”.

The news published on the Vampire Survivors Steam page says that since patch 0.11.3 delivered on the promises made in the last published development roadmap, they don’t feel the need to say what’s coming in 1.0. The content should therefore be a “surprise and should hopefully offer a little something for everyone”.

They say the update will include tweaks to balance elements, a nerf for Santa Water/La Borra, and two new achievements. Version 1.0 will also include official support for new languages, including French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

When reaching high levels, vampire survivors may slow down due to the number of sprites displayed on screen at once. For this reason – and following the massive success of the game – poncle announced plans to upgrade to a new engine in March.

Work on this engine switch continues. Today’s post says the new engine should fix common bugs, enable support for multi-core processors and improve frame rates, and bring native Linux support. The save data will be transferred to the new engine, although the message also states that the engine switch is optional. “If you are happy with the current version of Electron, no one will force you to upgrade to the new one :),” the post reads.

More information about 1.0 will be released daily between October 7 and its release on October 20, providing “sometimes just a little detail, sometimes something a little bigger.” We’ll let you know about any important news, because Vampire Survivors is awesome.

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