Use this search engine to find local businesses, not Google

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Use this search engine to find local businesses, not Google

Posted May 30, 2022

When it comes to modern search engines, Finndit is becoming the fastest growing search engine in the country with tremendous growth in a short time.

The younger generation has a default mode of searching for any information on Google. Although Google is the largest search engine, it’s not necessarily ideal for finding local businesses or businesses in small towns. Most of India’s population lives outside metros and other major cities. Therefore, a large portion of the population needs to be satisfied, which is exactly what Finndit is targeting.

Within two years, findit has developed a platform for small and medium businesses to list their websites and information on the platform to create a digital identity. In fact, there are already more than 21 lakh companies listed on Finndit right now. This number is growing like wildfire and Finndit is working tirelessly to incorporate more lakhs from various parts of the country. The goal is to be present in every small town in the country to help people find nearby businesses.

The platform is accessible through a mobile application or a website. With the sharp decline in mobile data prices over the past few years, internet penetration has influenced a large portion of the population. In fact, today, people with mobile phones are seen using the Internet even in some remote villages of the country. Since they are digitizing and connecting to the outside world, planning for their convenience with a local search engine makes sense.

This is exactly the opportunity that Finndit is taking advantage of. The number of people getting used to the internet is almost endless in a country like India. We are just beginning to massively adopt the Internet across the country. Finndit is already ahead of the curve by building this platform that people from all parts of the country could use to search for nearby shops, stores, businesses and businesses. The platform already offers over 1,900 business subcategories to choose from.

The user interface allows anyone to simply search for the type of business they are looking for. Also, you can directly filter well-defined categories to directly search what you are looking for. The type of businesses listed on Finndit include general stores, local mechanics, event organizers, laboratories, medical facilities, stationery stores, gyms, restaurants, automobiles, sports, wellness, spas, salons and more.

Just provide their location and Finndit will show all the businesses listed on their platform for that location. Local businesses have been able to use this platform to grow quickly and become national. Previously they were restricted to a small area due to lack of exposure. But by going digital, the physical boundaries of your city/state no longer matter. Therefore, they could receive orders from any part of the country. This allowed them to significantly increase their income. Finndit is one such platform that contributes immensely to the MSME economy. Local people get digital services at their fingertips, while local providers and business establishments benefit from an online presence and national footprint. Finndit offers a win-win situation for all stakeholders

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