Twin engine runs out of steam in PM’s Gujarat: Harish



Hyderabad: “Dual engine is trouble engine. It has failed to create proper health facilities in Prime Minister Modi’s Gujarat State. But single engine Telangana is third in terms of health facilities in the country,” Health Minister T Harish Rao said. Addressing ANMs at Kalabhavan in Baghlingampally on Sunday, the minister said Telangana had undergone huge changes in health facilities after the bifurcation.

Since 2014, the government had placed special emphasis on health infrastructure and the result of the single engine was there for all to see while the dual engine failed to provide proper healthcare facilities not only in all BJP-ruled states, but also to Prime Minister Narendra. Modi’s own state, Gujarat. The dual engine is of no use to the people, he said.

Praising the services of ANMs especially during the Covid pandemic, the Minister of Health said they had done a magnificent job without worrying about their lives. Health, sanitation and police personnel worked at the risk of their lives. “A few of them lost their lives, which was painful. Your role is important in providing primary health care to the population,” the minister said.

The minister said that the state government is upgrading the ANM centers as Palle Dawakhanas on the lines of Basti Dawakhanas in the city and that the ANMs will have a greater responsibility to provide the best of their services so that the state becomes the number one in health services. .

About 2,000 Palle Dawakhanas will start operating from this month, he added. He further said that the experience of opening 350 such dawakhanas has helped reduce the pressure of outpatients on government run hospitals like Osmania, Fever and Gandhi hospitals.

He said that over the past eight years, the number of medical schools has grown from five to 17, and nine more will be added next year.

Likewise, due to the initiatives taken by the state government, institutional deliveries have witnessed a sharp increase from 30% in 2014 to 67% in 2022. He called on the ANMs to ensure that no mistakes is committed in the exercise of their functions.

The government, for its part, he said, would prioritize ANM workers in appointments by giving a weighting for their service during the pandemic.

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