Tunic: how to defeat the siege engine



Tunic has its fair share of bosses and tough enemies, but few are as intimidating as the Siege Engine you’ll find in the Eastern Vault.

Tunic is the kind of game that is as infuriating as it is addictive. As you navigate the outside world, trying to figure out what to do and where to go next, it can feel like banging your head against a wall. Still, the game’s design and its endless surprises will likely keep you going until you hit a roadblock. One of these you’ll find yourself hitting halfway through Tunic will be the siege engine. Do not worry; we will tell you how to get rid of this mechanical threat once and for all.

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How to Beat Tunic Siege Engine

To start, you should have some throwable dynamite at this point in the game. This means you can discard a separate amount of the item without going back and buying more, as it will automatically recharge if you die or return to a shrine. You can check the number by looking at the + symbol next to the dynamite in your menu. No matter how many words he says, keep a short distance away, aim for the creature’s head and let those suckers rip. By the time he even rises, you can get up to a quarter of his health this way.

The siege engine has a lot of moves, and they all hit like a tank, so you’ll need to be light on your feet in this battle. If you haven’t learned to run yet, you’ll need to learn now if you want to succeed because running is how you’ll avoid two of this creature’s most devastating attacks. Large laser blast and rapid fire laser blasts are best avoided by running.

When these attacks occur, release the lock button and hold the examine/dodge button to make your fox run like the dickens. Keep dashing to the left and around the back of the siege engine, where a second weak point will be exposed so you can attack safely. You can do this whenever the creature is distracted, but it’s easier during those two attacks.

Next are his two sweeping attacks. Roll forward into or under the siege engine for the wide swing to avoid it. The second, a slam attack, is much harder to dodge, but you can do it by wait for it to line up then roll left or right. The siege engine can also send out flying enemies that are best ignored and a set of three flame attacks.

The flames will move towards your location, so when one stops next to you, flee or roll away from it. If you’re lucky, the explosion can also damage the boss. You will also notice that when the boss does this attack you can take a few quick hits to its back weak spot, which he exhibits during this trip. Finally, you might want to save your last fire bursts or a few throwable bombs for the end of the fight to make sure he doesn’t get the best of you in the last phase. In both cases, with these tips in mind, you should be able to smash that fat prick in no time. Also, feel free to watch the video of our fight with this creature to get more succinctly the nuance of the battle.

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