Tuned Corvette C8 blasts twin-turbo V8 engine during drag races

FuelTech is the company that pushes the mid-engined Corvette platform where General Motors could only dream of stepping. But as is often the case with tuned engines, the internal components can only withstand a certain amount of abuse.
A month ago, FuelTech founder and owner Anderson Dick broke the world record for the fastest C8 with a formidable race at Virginia Motorsports Park. Specifically, their development car needed 9.017 seconds at 153.13 miles per hour (or 246.43 km / h) to cover the quarter mile.

For reference, the unequipped Z51 and Z51 Stingray both claim 11.2 seconds fully in stock. How did FuelTech manage to harness over 1,350 horsepower, you ask? Well, they’ve gone too far with the fuel system, the boost, the dual-clutch transmission, as well as the tires.

Wrapped in front skinnies and rear drag radials, the 18-inch wheels are joined by Stage 2 clutches from Dodson Motorsport and an all-new control system that allows for a different strategy for the dual-clutch drivetrain. A few top-mounted turbochargers from Garrett Motion are also worth mentioning, along with electronic Turbosmart dump valves and a custom-made intake manifold that houses a different set of injectors. They pump VP Racing Fuel M1 methanol into the intake for more power.

Direct bone injection completes the second fuel system. As for the small-block LT2 V8, it has been enriched with Gwatney Performance components that include Diamond pistons which cost around $ 1,000.

But alas, tragedy struck the Alabama International Dragway seconds after a very fast race. The video shown reveals both flames and sparks coming out of the rear of the vehicle. The powertrain tripped after 7.1 seconds of racing according to the data logger, which also reported the failure of cylinder one. The next day, the crew identified a generous hole in the crankcase, possibly due to a broken connecting rod.

FuelTech has another engine that is going to be swapped out in their C8, and on this occasion they will upgrade to much more rugged connecting rods just in case. In case you’re curious, the destroyed engine would have developed 1,700 crank horsepower according to company founder Anderson Dick.

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