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When it comes to Black Friday, the competition for organic visibility is tough. What started as an event just for American customers ready to cook their Thanksgiving dinner has become a global event that customers and brands are racing to capitalize on.

So how are you going to bring those customers to your site?

The truth is, a good SEO strategy is key to directing both Google and users to your Black Friday landing page. While there are many best practices throughout the year, there are specific ways to prepare for this busy shopping event. Building a strong foundation within your Black Friday campaign can be successfully achieved by optimizing your Black Friday landing page to meet user expectations and clearly signal the deals you are offering.

Here we give you our top tips for ensuring search engine success.

Create a Successful Black Friday Landing Page

For many, Black Friday can be a real rollercoaster; with so many deals on offer, it can be hard to know where to buy. In this prime time of the retail calendar, maintaining high status within the SERPs is imperative. Using both our SEO and CRO expertise, we’ve put together five top tips for getting into the good Google books that should, in fact, boost conversion:

1.) Create a dedicated Black Friday page

This first one is simple – create a simple, hassle-free URL that can be reused year after year. By having the same dedicated URL and landing page every year, it lets Google know exactly where to find your website’s Black Friday content and reduces the time it takes to re-index your page. This can then be updated annually to reflect your current offerings.

2.) Build Your Page Early

Setting up your Black Friday page for the first time? Be sure to create your Black Friday landing page early, so that Google can then index it and access it directly from your homepage. The sooner you do it, the better. Linking to it from the homepage allows Google to then crawl the website, index it, and rank it effectively.

Tip: Speed ​​up the crawling process by using Google Search Console’s “Inspect my URL” feature. Copy and paste your Black Friday URL and click “request an indexing link” – you will then be added to a priority crawling list where Google will actively seek to crawl your page.

3.) Include Event Description

It’s important that you make the intent and purpose of the page as clear to Google and your users as possible. In this case, you want them to see and buy your Black Friday products, so it’s essential to include the event description in the page title and describe the event throughout the page content. . Mention popular offers that users will be looking for (such as “50% off sneakers”) to make it clear what they’ll get when they visit your site.

4.) Include general event information in advance

If you choose to wait to reveal sales details on the day of the event (either to build suspense or just to give you time to decide what discounts to offer), it might be a good idea to include in the advances general information about the event. So for Black Friday, you might not be disclosing specific details about the deals, but giving information about when the event is running from, and top Black Friday shopping tips, is a useful way to make it clear to Google what the actual page is about.

It can also help with conversion as it prepares people for the event, with features such as ‘wish lists’ allowing people to search for what they want to buy and allowing you to see what customers are looking for and wait. As a bonus, it allows customers to pre-build their shopping lists for fast and prompt checkout.

5.) Use images

Include sales-relevant images on the landing page. As a general rule, Google normally discourages the use of text in images, but in the context of Black Friday, they said it was a good idea to have text in the banner explaining the purpose of the sale and what what customers can expect. Take advantage of this opportunity, but be sure to cover yourself in alt text for these, as this effectively conveys the information about the page to Google.

For example, if you have a banner with “Black Friday sale – buy 2 get one free!” you need to make sure your alt text says something like “Black Friday sale – buy 2 get one free”. !””. You’ll make your page more accessible to users with screen readers while ensuring Google can see that offer.

SEO best practices

Another method of ensuring search engine success is to follow general SEO best practices, which may seem very open and intimidating, but they shouldn’t be.

The tips below are worth keeping in mind, not just for Black Friday, but throughout the year to ensure you have the best possible exposure on your site.

6.) Do Keyword Research

For Black Friday, you will want to have a set of keywords that you are going to target. The types of keywords you should aim for should be tailored to your specific offering – these will have much lower search volume, but will be a much more achievable goal for rankings.

Targeting keywords with high search volume is something you’re unlikely to reap any rewards for unless you’re already a big e-commerce player. High search volume keywords that are too broad for your niche (eg, “when is Black Friday”) are likely to be too competitive to make a difference. Instead, start getting specific with your targeting: “Black Friday TV deals” are already more niche, and “Black Friday TV 4K deals” even more so.

7.) Optimize On-Page Content

Once you have your set of keywords, you then need to move on to optimizing the content of the page, like the H tags, using keywords in those areas and also throughout the body of the text. It is important to keep in mind that the copy should be smooth and natural. After all, you’re writing for humans, while considering what search engines are looking for.

8.) Metadata

Since meta titles and descriptions are displayed on the Google results page, it’s a good idea to include a main keyword if possible. Although not a ranking factor, it clearly indicates what the page has to offer and indicates what a user might be looking for, which encourages a high click-through rate.

9.) Make sure the image size is correct

Another to please both humans and Google: you need to make sure that all images on your Black Friday landing page are properly sized, formatted, and compressed. This is essential on eCommerce websites where there will be a lot of images which could influence the loading speed and overall user experience.

10.) Awareness to Earn Backlinks

Raising awareness to get backlinks to the page can be tricky and time-consuming, but can make a huge difference to the success of a Black Friday landing page. Google tracks the number of external links a page has, so it’s a good idea to see if there are any publications that might want to list Black Friday deals in your niche or industry. It’s a great way to build links to your Black Friday landing page and can increase overall organic performance.

Black Friday landing page success

While the sooner the better with all things SEO, it’s still not too late to make key changes that will impact traffic generation. But what happens when that traffic lands on your landing page?

Make sure your Black Friday campaign is on solid structural foundations with the two a thoughtful SEO strategy and an optimized landing page can make a huge difference when it comes to driving sales. They are closely related because while alignment with Google’s guidelines is key, if your landing page doesn’t impress, the hard work may not pay off.

If you want to learn more about how to turn those organic visitors into sales using conversion rate optimization, you can watch our full webinar on “How to Create the Perfect Black Friday Landing Page”. here.

By Joe Wheeler – SEO Specialist – ClickThrough Marketing

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