This 1962 Chevrolet Impala appears to have hit a pole, a mysterious engine inside


With the Impala’s popularity on the rise, Chevrolet just wanted to make the most of it by targeting as large an audience as possible.

This is why the Impala ended up being equipped with both six cylinders and V8s, although it goes without saying that not everyone was a big fan of the economy choices.

So when it came to V8s, the standard unit was the 170-horsepower, two-barrel 283, but for this model year, Chevrolet made several changes. First, the small block 327 (5.3 liters) replaced the more powerful 283 (4.6 liters), while the 409 (6.7 liters) replaced the 348 (5.7 liters) offered over the year. 1961 model.

A 283 would also be fitted to this 1962 Impala, although on the other hand, we hardly know anything about it. EBay seller jaccix didn’t share too many details so it’s hard to tell if the engine is still running or not.

But judging by the look of everything under the hood, there’s a chance it wasn’t, especially since the car has likely sat there for years. There are also signs of rear crash damage, possibly when the driver hit a pole at some point while parking the vehicle.

In fact, everything appears to be in rather rough condition, and that’s one of the reasons the owner claims this Impala could eventually qualify for a parts car. But on the other hand, someone brave enough could attempt a full restore, although it could all come down to the current engine health under the hood.

The good news is that the auction for this Impala starts at just $ 500, although it remains to be seen how much attention it will garner. This is a full auction, so whoever sends the highest bid can take it home.

If you want to see this Impala in person, it’s parked in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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