These guys drop a Hellcat Redeye engine in a Dodge Viper


Engine swaps are a fairly common modification in the automotive aftermarket, but there is a combination that apparently hasn’t been completed before. Despite the obviously shared DNA, it seems no one has ever dropped one of Dodge’s Hellcat V8s under the clamshell hood of a classic Viper. Here’s what it takes to snatch the V10 in sight for a modern supercharged heart.

Designed by the folks at Throtl on YouTube, this build features a 2001 Dodge Viper as the base rig. At that time, the car was actually in its second generation, but shared almost all of its styling with the first generation car. Under the hood was a 450 hp (366 kW) engine mated to a manual transmission and rear-wheel drive.

The new engine is a Hellcat Redeye crate engine sourced from a Dodge dealership in an actual crate. Additionally, a new T56 transmission was part of the Viper’s built-in transmission package. This engine is factory rated at 807 hp (601 kW) and 717 lb-ft (971 Nm) of torque.

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To facilitate the exchange, the entire front part of the Viper is disassembled in this episode. This includes the hood, headlights, fender wells, radiator, etc. By the end of the disassembly process, but before the drivetrain components come out, he is completely unrecognizable as a Viper.

In fact, the forward-most part of the frame prohibits the team from using a motor winch safely, so the transmission must come out separately. To accomplish this means to drop it from below, which it was not designed to do. After removing the bell casing and a bit of twisting, they manage to pull it out. Thankfully, the returning Hellcat V8 should be a little easier to use.

The entire build is part of Dodge’s Roadkill Nights event taking place Saturday, August 13, 2022. This is a one-day event that will feature production and highly customized Dodge vehicles from all over the country. This Viper will be an important part of the event and we expect it to compete in the Dodge Direct Connection Grudge Match Race.

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