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Choosing your search engine is a very personal choice. It is important to consider your needs and preferences when choosing one. While Google certainly dominates the search engine market, its two competitors, Bing and DuckDuckGo, also offer impressive features.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the search engines and take a look at which one is the best.


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Search engine giant Google captures 92.6% of searches worldwide. With a suite of built-in features and apps, let’s see why Google is the world’s most popular search engine.

Search features

Google offers a wide variety of search features. One of its most useful is localized search results based on your current location. Google incorporates useful information, such as business locations from Google Maps, into Google search results.

localized search result google

For example, a search for “supermarket” returns the locations of supermarkets near a user based on information from Google Maps.

Google also tries to return search results based on what it thinks the user intends to do. For example, if a user searches for “cafe”, Google will assume that they are trying to find a cafe near their home. It will then return the location of nearby cafes at the top of the search results, with informational results below.


sample google snippet

Another useful feature that presents information clearly is Google Snippets. Featured Snippets display page content that matches your search on the search results page. This means that you can get the information you are looking for right on the Google page without having to visit a website.

Indexing method

Google tries to figure out what a web page is about before deciding whether it should be indexed.

Google will analyze the content of the page, including embedded text, images, and video files, and try to understand what the page is trying to convey.

User privacy

Google has had its share of privacy issues – it’s been the subject of lawsuits over privacy and Incognito mode. It’s no secret that Google collects large amounts of data about you for its apps and services that you use.

google data privacy

Some people may not be aware that their Chrome browser activity is linked to their personal Google Account.

However, Google maintains that it is committed to responsible data practices and claims to have never sold users’ personal information. Advanced users can limit the personal information that Google saves in the account settings.

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User experience

Google’s layout is clean and simple with search results filtered by categories including news, images, videos, and purchases, with associated search options and paginated results at the bottom of the main SERP.

current president of the united states on google search

Google emphasizes simplicity by providing the most accurate results from a single search. A good example of this is Google’s freshness algorithm, where the freshness of the content is factored into Google’s algorithm.

For example, searching for “current President of the United States” requires freshness for the correct search result.


bing search engine

Microsoft’s Bing evolved from previous search engines including MSN Search and Windows Live Search. It does things a little differently than Google, and it is the second most popular search engine in the world.

Search features

The most notable feature of Bing is its video search feature. Bing video search results are displayed in a user-friendly grid format that makes it easy to scan video search results. Additionally, you can watch a video directly from Bing’s search engine results page without accessing the web page.

search for bings videos

Bing’s image search feature also has extensive filters that allow users to filter images by license type, publication date, if there are people in the image, image type, and image dimensions. the image.

Frequent searchers are also rewarded: you can earn points for researching on Bing. These points can be redeemed for real rewards (just make sure you’re signed in to the device you’re searching from).

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Indexing method

When indexing a web page, Bing is primarily concerned with the quality of its content and keywords.

There are three main factors that Bing takes into account when evaluating the quality of the content of a web page; how trustworthy the web page is; how useful and detailed is the content of the web page; and how easy the web page is to read from the user’s point of view.

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User privacy

Microsoft collects data from its users when they use Bing and other Microsoft products. This data is used for targeted advertising and marketing. However, you can change your privacy settings to limit the type of data Microsoft can collect from you.

User experience

Bing’s search engine is a visual treat. There is a daily rotating wallpaper on the homepage of its search engine which prompts you to know more about the daily picture if you click.


Additionally, the trending news panel at the bottom of Bing’s home search page is useful if you want to stay on top of current events.

Bing’s SERP has a clean layout with verticles that filter results by images, videos, maps, news, and purchases. When you reach the bottom of the main SERP, the results are paginated for your convenience.

DuckDuck Go

duckduckgo search engine

While not as popular as other search engines, DuckDuckGo’s ever-growing user base appreciates its privacy-centric approach.

Search features

DuckDuckGo’s fringe is its outstanding search feature. Bongs make it easy for users to search other websites directly. For example, if you type bang! W, you will be able to search directly on Wikipedia. DuckDuckGo currently has over 13,000 bangs.

duckduckgo bangs

Another cool search feature in DuckDuckGo is its instant responses. For example, if you search for “alternatives to Facebook,” alternative social media sites similar to Facebook will appear above the search results.

Indexing method

DuckDuckGo’s web crawler, DuckDuckBot, crawls over 400 sources on the web for its search results.

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Its sources include reputable websites like Wikipedia, and even other search engines like Bing (DuckDuckGo makes a point of not using Google as a source).

User privacy

DuckDuckGo is committed to protecting user privacy. Its privacy policy states that it does not collect or share users’ personal information.

duckduckgo privacy policy

It’s a stark contrast to other popular search engines. DuckDuckGo even goes so far as to prevent other search engines from following its users on the web.

User experience

DuckDuckGo has a familiar, intuitive, and easy-to-use layout. Doing a Search loads web page search results, as well as verticals that will allow you to filter the search by images, videos, news, maps, and purchases.

duckduckgo search results

Upon reaching the bottom of DuckDuckGo’s SERP, it becomes infinite scrolling (rather than paginated), which is slightly faster than opening a new page every time you reach the bottom of the SERP.

The verdict: choose the right search engine

Now that you have a thorough understanding of each browser and its pros and cons, you can choose the search engine that’s right for you.

If privacy is your primary concern, DuckDuckGo is the obvious choice. However, if you don’t mind being tracked and prefer the convenience of localized search results, Google might be the better choice. Bing’s gamification approach to research with its search and rewards system might also be an attractive choice for you.

All things considered, Google is the better option. Google’s search capabilities are second to none, helping users find the answer they are looking for easily and quickly. User experience is enhanced by Google’s clean and simple layout.

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