The Nissan Juke gets a new, highly efficient hybrid engine




Nissan has announced that a new hybrid engine will join the Juke lineup.

The range of the popular compact crossover expands with the addition of the powertrain, which uses components from Nissan and its Alliance partner Renault to bring additional performance and efficiency.

The hybrid powertrain uses a 1.6-litre petrol engine which was developed specifically for use in a hybrid setup, and is combined with an electric motor to produce 143 bhp.

These components work with a starter/alternator, a water-cooled battery and a Renault gearbox.


Nissan says the powertrain delivers 25% more power than the current petrol unit, with fuel consumption down 40% in the urban cycle and 20% in the combined cycle.

Figures are yet to be confirmed, Nissan claims 54mpg and CO2 emissions of 118g/km.

The gearbox has four speeds for the internal combustion engine and two when running electric only. An algorithm continuously adapts to manage shift points, battery regeneration and engine/motor usage to deliver a combination of performance and efficiency.

An “intelligent drive system” is designed to spend as much time as possible in EV mode, with Nissan claiming to have achieved around 80 per cent of EV-only driving in urban areas without engaging the engine.

Just like the firm’s Leaf EV, the hybrid Juke has an “e-Pedal” mode, which allows it to be controlled using a single pedal. This increases the amount of regenerative braking so the driver does not have to press the brake in typical driving scenarios.

There are also some exterior changes to signify this is the hybrid model, as well as tweaks that make it more aerodynamically efficient. These include a grille with a smaller opening, a modified lower bumper and a grille shutter.


Few changes have been made to the cabin, but the hybrid models benefit from new graphics in the dials and infotainment displays relating to battery charge and energy flows. The trunk is 68 liters smaller than regular models at 354 liters.

Arnaud Charpentier, Regional Vice President for Product Strategy and Pricing at Nissan, said: “The introduction of the new Juke Hybrid this summer will be another key addition to Nissan’s electrified lineup.

“We are in the midst of an electrified product offensive that emphasizes eco-efficiency as much as driving pleasure. Like all of our electrified products, Juke Hybrid is rewriting the rules of its segment with bold innovation that delivers more performance and more efficiency,”

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