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For example, if you are writing about planning a wedding, you don’t need to list all the details of the wedding: champagne, catering, food, cake, flowers, photographer, music, and all the other details. Google, in all its wisdom, knows this. He understands the subject of wedding planning.

It’s not just about your website; build backlinks

Search engines run on your overall web presence and backlinks are an important part. Any link from someone else’s website to yours (or any other site) is a backlink.

Backlinks help Google find new pages on your site faster, and they are associated with increased credibility and trust.

How to create backlinks? Look for opportunities to become a guest blogger and include a link to your website. Links should be from websites and content relevant to your goal.

A really easy way to link is to post your blogs on your Google Business page. You can post a blog snippet with a Learn More button and link to your website. Easy.

Your social channels are an important part of your SEO value

Social media can have a big impact on your organic search. Think about what’s going on with our social activity: sharing posts, tweeting, and retweeting. This could be through a Facebook friend, a Twitter follower, a connection through another social network, or something completely unrelated. Sometimes social search will even prioritize content that has been shared by an influencer.

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