Shipshape Solutions Inc. a check engine light for your home


By Hannah Curran, sponsored content

Shipshape Solutions Inc. makes homes smart enough to take care of themselves so we can live in a world where every home is safe, reliable and efficient – and every community is sustainable.

Alexander Linn, CEO and Founder of Shipshape, said Shipshape exists to help homeowners save time, money and energy when it comes to maintaining and operating their homes. “We looked around and saw a world where many people are struggling to take care of their homes, and people’s experience is painfully reactive. Something breaks down, then you fix it. By proactively helping the homeowner address these upcoming issues, we can prevent damage, wasted energy, and unplanned interruptions to their life. We call this predictive maintenance.

Shipshape offers an exclusive predictive maintenance platform that integrates smart home devices throughout the home – from the crawl space to the attic – so homeowners can leverage data from their devices and systems in their home to receive an alert in the event of a problem.

“We wanted to give homeowners something like a check engine light for their home, so they know before it’s too late that something isn’t working properly,” Linn said.

“A device can break down or say it’s malfunctioning, then the check engine light goes out, then with the press of a button we help them connect to a local professional, for example, a contractor in air conditioning, and maybe we help them take advantage of a utility incentive to replace their air conditioning unit.”

Shipshape relieves the owner of the installation burden. They offer professional installations and partner with local dealers to offer professional installations when they are already on site doing work at home. “Most customers choose Shipshape because they purchased an expensive system from their contractor and want to protect their investment. For example, they had their crawl space weatherized, and that came with a sump pump and dehumidifier, and to give them peace of mind that their investment is working, the contractor offers performance monitoring and management of maintenance through Shipshape,” Linn said.

Shipshape works with local businesses that homeowners rely on, ranging from large corporations like Alabama Power to small, family-run businesses like mold and mold solutions specialists. Shipshape also works with plumbers, electricians, HVAC contractors, and many other types of service providers. Shipshape has worked closely with

Alabama Power’s Smart Neighborhoods R&D team during the development of the Shipshape platform. Ultimately, Alabama Power invested in Shipshape to help them grow.

Recently, Shipshape announced the construction of a network operations center in Birmingham. “We are constructing an office and restoring a beautiful building that will bear the Shipshape sign and house our ‘Domestic Assistants’ who help homeowners across the country,” Linn said. “We are currently deploying in Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee. We still have a few Midwestern and Northeastern states to launch, and before long we’ll be coast to coast. Customers nationwide will speak to a friendly customer support agent in Birmingham, Alabama.

“Most Shipshape customers do not consider Shipshape a smart home technology or product, in fact most do not have smart home devices or even a home security system. The homeowners we serve are only not your typical smart home or home security customers. These are people who are trying to take care of their homes and stay at home and don’t want to be burdened by them. This comes as a surprise to many of our customers when they realize how easy it is to turn their home into a Shipshape home,” Linn said.

“Our customers see Shipshape as a simple service – people have a system they are worried about, for example, an air conditioning unit, a water heater, a dishwasher…they are worried about water leaks, high humidity, wasted energy, and we offer a service to monitor performance and help them with maintenance. in many cases, their homes have become financial burdens and maintenance issues. We experience far too many indoor air quality issues that have led to health disasters. Shipshape helps people stay in control of their homes. , to be able to maintain their home without having to ask their neighbors for help or be surprised by expensive bills,” Linn said.

Shipshape is on a mission to help owners and communities by using the power of technology to promote sustainable economic development. They even donated 2% of Shipshape’s founding capital to a foundation that provides grants to help homeowners access the upgrades they need to make their homes safe, reliable, and efficient. Linn said, “When our customers buy Shipshape and help make Shipshape a successful business, it helps build a foundation that is set up to benefit low-income and needy homeowners by providing grants to help make their homes safer, more efficient, and more reliable.

The Shipshape Foundation grew out of Shipshape’s philanthropic model which they call the 2-2-2 model. They also set aside two percent of their product and two percent of their time. In other words, they offer their product on a subsidized basis to one in 50 owners. And they have a policy in place for their employees to volunteer for five days a year, which doesn’t count as a normal vacation. , then they have free time.

Linn explained, “As Shipshape grows, we will have more employees to contribute their volunteer hours, our foundation can award more grants to help make homes safer, more reliable and more efficient, and more homeowners. will have access to our product at subsidized rates. . This is designed to create a win-win-win scenario with our platform, that was the idea behind our 2-2-2 model, it’s a way to create hyper alignment with owners and communities that we serve.

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