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What are they?

Search engine ranking refers to the process used by search engines to determine where a particular piece of content should appear on a search engine results page. The ranking of a website or URL for keywords or combinations of keywords varies from search engine to search engine. Google, Bing, Yahoo! and all other search engine operators use their own method to calculate rankings. Each of them has developed their own protocols for ranking sites for search purposes and will sell rankings guaranteeing that a site will appear first in the top ten when a certain search term is used.

Why are they important?

A good ranking will help gain traffic from the organic search channel. The higher a page ranks in the results of a search query, the more likely the searcher is to click on that result.

The goal of many website owners has been to maximize their site’s ranking. Optimization is a trial and error process that requires persistence and careful monitoring of results. Teamwork of technical staff and those involved in the implementation of the brand strategy is necessary.

Search engines generally seek to promote the relevance of queries and avoid search engine spam. Google, BING and Yahoo! discourage the excessive use of keywords, hidden text and links to and from other sites. In general, particular importance is given to the number and quality of links to and from other sites, but the specific level of importance is not disclosed.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs can affect search engine rankings. Programs may be entered into with “affiliate” website owners who post advertisements relating to the Brand Owner’s products or services linked to the Brand Owner’s website. When an affiliate refers a customer who makes a purchase on the brand owner’s website, a commission is paid. Affiliates’ activities under these programs should be monitored to ensure that there are no conflicts between their activities and the Brand Owners.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide on the subject. Specialist advice should be sought regarding your particular situation.

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