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If you have a project or service that requires retrieving data search results, you might be interested in this API which can streamline the process. Zenserp is able to obtain real-time data from search results on major research platforms. Their simple API has scalable options that make them a great solution for any size project. You can try Zenserp for free, to see how powerful this API is.

Zenserp works with the following platforms:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • DuckDuckGo

Get detailed scratching results from APIs for specific situations. You can scrape Youtube results with the Youtube search API, to get the latest information on ranking videos for a specific search. If you need to monitor the results of your purchases, use the Google Shopping Product Page API to get valuable product information and retrieve product information. The Google Trends API will help you retrieve trending topics in easy-to-read JSON format. You can also take advantage of the Google search API for standard search, image search, news search, map search, news search, etc.

Google APIs included:

  • Google SERP API
  • Google Image Search API
  • Google Maps search API
  • Google News API
  • Google Trends API
  • Google Shopping API
  • Reverse Image Search API
  • Youtube search API

With these comprehensive tools, Zenserp becomes an all-in-one solution for your research needs. Their API is easy to use and has many different parameters that help you get exactly the data you are looking for. You can try a free demo that lets you test these scratching features here.

Generous free package

Zenserp believes in fair pricing. That’s why they give you 50 API requests per month for free. No strings attached!

Query generator

Getting started is easy. Zenserp provides a comprehensive query builder, which converts your queries into production-ready code snippets.

Supports all programming languages

Zenserp can be used with any programming language, as the data can be simply fetched by any HTTP client.

A complete coverage solution

Your SERP results will give you more than organic and paid results. All types of extracts are included and new ones are added regularly. If a search engine creates a new type of snippet, Zenserp will update its API to include it. If you’d like to see a full list of their currently supported SERP snippets, check out this documentation here.

You can start using Zenserp for free, with 50 free requests. It’s a great way to try out the API and see if it will work in your specific situation. If you find this to be a good solution, you can upgrade to one of their paid plans, which offers features for a project of any size.

Get Zenserp here

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