Same Motor Drag Race sees a BMW M240i against a Toyota GR Supra


Sam CarLegion YouTube Channel takes a Toyota GR Supra and a BMW M240i on the track to pit them against each other in a series of drag and roll races. Both cars are powered by the same engine, each technically a BMW under the hood, and the races prove competitive as the performance cars go against each other, the main difference being their transmissions. Watch the video to see these two cars go head-to-head.

BMW versus Toyota with the same engine

The BMW M240i XDrive is an all-wheel-drive car that produces 382 hp from its 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine, along with 369 lb-ft of torque. The engine is accompanied by an eight-speed automatic transmission, which is the only option for shifting gears in the M240i. The car weighs 3,871 pounds, making it a fast little car from the company that makes the ultimate driving machine.

The Toyota GR Supra gets its power from the same BMW 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine and also produces 382 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. Like the BMW, the Supra is also a two-door coupe, has the same engine with the same power specs and also has an eight-speed automatic transmission.

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The main difference between the two cars is that the BMW is all-wheel-drive and the Toyota is rear-wheel-drive. The Supra is also lighter than the BWM, weighing in at 3,400 pounds. While enthusiasts often love rear-wheel-drive cars, in the case of the track, if the Toyota fails to gain enough traction, its rear-wheel-drive system could work to its disadvantage.

With both cars’ specs covered and their similarities compared, it’s time to race and see which car will emerge victorious.

It’s a drag and roll sports car

In the first two races, both of which are simple drag races on the track, the BMW’s traction-ready all-wheel drive gives it the advantage on the line and allows it to easily beat the Supra both times with a significant distance between the two. cars.

It’s essentially the same result for every race both times, with the Supra spinning a bit off the line, even with the tires warmed up beforehand. Despite the similarities between the cars, when it comes to the drag strip, the BMW takes the wins.

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When it’s time to roll, first with a 30mph roll and later at 62mph, the Supra manages to pull off a win both times. Where the Supra was at a disadvantage for drag, it makes up for it for rolls. Ultimately, the fastest car comes down to conditions, but interestingly, it’s a comparison between drivetrains and their relationship to overall performance. In both cases, each car demonstrates its speed and agility on the track.

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