Sainz worried the reaction to his engine fire was ‘a little slow’ RaceFans


Carlos Sainz Jnr said the muster reaction to his engine fire at Sunday’s Austrian Grand Prix needed to be quicker.

The Ferrari driver came to rest on a slope near an access point in the fourth corner run-off zone. A marshal rushed to place a chock behind his right front wheel to prevent the car from rolling back, but the car started to move as he tried to get it into position.

As flames began to take hold of the rear of the car, Sainz was torn between escaping the F1-75 and preventing it from rolling back towards the circuit.

“It was certainly not an ideal and uncomfortable situation because I saw in my mirrors that the car was on fire, but at the same time I was pressing the brake,” he told RaceFans and d other media after the race.

“As soon as I tried to jump I saw the car was rolling backwards and I didn’t want to let the car go completely free, out of control, rolling backwards while jumping. I called the marshals to come and help me put something on the tires to prevent the car from rolling. But I think the whole process was a bit slow.

Eventually Sainz jumped out of the car, which stopped beside a barrier, and the marshals extinguished the flames.

“At one point there was so much fire that I had to really move and jump independently. I think it was just when the first marshal arrived and stopped the car.

Sainz said the incident is “certainly something we need to look at” to consider “what we could have done a little quicker because it wasn’t the easiest situation to live with.”

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Photos: Sainz engine fire

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