Safran launches digital services to improve helicopter engine monitoring


Safran press release | March 8, 2022

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Safran Helicopter Engines is launching two new digital services, My Engine Dashboard and Logbook Viewer, accessible from the EngineLife customer portal. The services will provide customers with tools to facilitate the day-to-day management of their Safran helicopter engines.

My Engine Dashboard and Logbook Viewer will provide customers with tools to facilitate the daily management of their Safran helicopter engines. Adrien Daste for Safran Photo

My Engine Dashboard is an engine-centric management interface. It gives access to all the information available on the EngineLife customer portal for each engine. This interactive dashboard includes reference documents associated with the equipment viewed, engine health and operating data, and the status of trade requests.

Logbook Viewer provides documents associated with the release of equipment from Safran MRO workshops in digital format. Once the equipment is ready to ship, the appropriate documents – such as an engine logbook or module registration form – are posted on the EngineLife portal, allowing customers to anticipate administrative tasks and regulations necessary to get their helicopter back in the air.

Sébastien Jaulerry, Executive Vice President Support and Services of Safran Helicopter Engines said: “The launch of My Engine Dashboard and Logbook Viewer reinforces our commitment to making our engines easier to operate. They complement our EngineLife family of services for helicopter engines, which also includes Health Monitoring, for tracking engine health parameters, and Web IETP, which provides online access to all of our technical documentation.

“Safran Helicopter Engines is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers, and we will continue to develop new services to enhance the customer experience associated with each Safran helicopter engine.

EngineLife Services is Safran’s range of service offerings for helicopter engines.

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