Rogers The engine behind USA victory over Scotland


But the United States seemed to calm down after that. Gabby Cantorna scored a goal from the penalty spot and then just as half time approached a few quick hands set up a try for captain Kate Zackary. In that move, a quick pop out of touch from Rogers and a very smart one-stop pass to advancing Zackary caught the Scots. Zackary put his head down and went for the line 30 yards out to make it 16-14 USA.

Nelson regained some momentum with a halftime penalty for a 17-16 lead.

In the second half, there was only one score. As the game progressed, he seemed more and more on the edge. And then, under constant pressure, the Eagles were awarded a penalty, and Rogers tapped and charged into a wall of Scottish players. Three Scots wrapped her up but it wasn’t enough and the former Penn State star crashed over the line for the go-ahead try.

It turned out to be the winner of the match as the United States held on 21-17. Although it would have been nice from an American fan’s perspective to see the Eagles ice this one with another try or a few penalties, they managed to hold on to the win.

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