Rival Scottish search engine of Google with green credentials secures investment


Google’s rival, Better Internet Search, is an ad-free search engine that’s also committed to user privacy.

The company reportedly attracted support from a coalition of UK and European companies committed to advancing a next-generation Internet “more suited to the needs of users rather than a handful of tech giants.”

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A pre-seed funding round has secured investors including Scotcoin, a community-based company (CIC) that has set up a cryptocurrency “dedicated to positive change and a fairer Scotland”.

Gordon Povey, Managing Director of Better Internet Search: “We believe our type of search engine is better for the planet. Photo: Jim Payne

Partisia Blockchain, led by Denmark, provides the new search engine with blockchain technology.

The backers include a small group of the firm’s early adopters in North America and Europe, while Glasgow law firm Bellwether Green has represented the firm in investment transactions.

The search engine claims that its ad-free, subscription-free service uses 35% less energy because it doesn’t use ad servers or process sponsored content.

Gordon Povey, Managing Director of Better Internet Search, said, “We believe our type of search engine is better for the planet.

“By eliminating advertising we have dramatically reduced the amount of processing, data storage and communications required, we are speeding up delivery of results, and we are not clogging your screen, processor, broadband and Wi-Fi with advertising content.” .

“We eliminate 30 to 40% of the treatment, which represents a significant energy saving. Many of our users want to be more sustainable consumers, which is why we are also developing technology that can rank products found by our search engine based on sustainability factors.

Temple Melville, Managing Director of the Scotcoin Project CIC, said: “We are delighted to announce our strategic involvement with Better Internet Search.

“Culturally, we see great similarities between businesses and Scotcoin has invested in better internet research – confirming our enthusiasm and belief in their vision online. We look forward to working with them on the charities and businesses that this collaboration will support. “

Kurt Nielsen, Co-Founder and Chairman of Partisia Blockchain, added, “For decades the internet has worked the same way, while in the meantime the world it serves has changed dramatically.

“Privacy is now non-negotiable and required of users, businesses and governments.

“Our collaboration with Better Internet Search will ensure that privacy is built into the heart of the new search engine, meaning that users no longer have to worry about the risks and fears of sharing their personal data while using the Internet. .

The ad-free search engine generates revenue when users are in “buy mode” because online sales generated from shopping searches incur commission charges.

Povey said the ad-based models try to make users want a specific thing, while the alternative brokerage model uses search to find the thing you actually want.

For example, instead of sending ads to people while they are searching, the search engine waits until they have chosen to shop and only earns a commission after the purchase is made.

Regulators are also starting to take steps to improve competition, Better Internet Search noted.

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