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The latest issue of MCV/DEVELOP is now available – you can read it for free here.

After its announcement in 2020 and a year of early access, Unreal Engine 5 is finally released globally. Richie Shoemaker took a tour with his architects.

Develop:Brighton returns this year! Even better, it returns to its traditional slot in July, which means we can hit the beach between the various interviews and roundtables – Assuming the wind behaves, anyway. We take a look at some of the offerings on offer this year.

We also look at Ukie’s second industry census, which illustrates the effects of the pandemic on our mental health and work habits, as well as new questions about promotion opportunities for black, Asian and ethnic workers. ethnic minorities.

BAFTA has appointed a familiar face as its new Head of Games. Chris Wallace chats with Luke Hebblethwaite to find out what his new role means for the future of the BAFTAs.

Speaking to Richie Shoemaker, Secret Mode Publishing Director James Schall reveals the path taken to establish Sumo Group’s independent publishing company as trusted rather than confidential.

After years of negotiating the difficult planning process, PitStop Productions announced last month that construction will soon begin on its multimillion-pound sound design creation centre. Richie Shoemaker speaks to a relieved John Sanderson about what the installation will mean for game audio services in the UK.

Insomnia returns after more than two years of inactivity. Richie Shoemaker explains to its creator and CEO of Player1 Events, Craig Fletcher, why it’s better to wake up rather than shake up the venerable gaming festival.

Like football management games and spreadsheets, Space 4X games are not known for their visuals. That’s why, in a fit of madness, we thought we’d celebrate those in Distant Worlds 2, one of the latest and most enticing. CodeForce developer/designer Elliot Gibbs and Matrix Games game director Erik Rutins are basking in the glory of its recent release. To the stars!

After taking a break from game development, Roll7 is back and better than ever with OlliOlli World. Chris Wallace sits down with Simon Bennett and Thomas Hegarty to learn about their new, healthier approach to game development and the hard lessons learned along the way.

Plus, there’s our recent industry hires and moves, development regulars, and our final boss, who this month is Sally Blake, CEO of Silent Games.

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