Pratt & Whitney’s turboprop jet engine promises less maintenance


The E-Series PT6 is the first engine family with an integrated dual-channel electronic propeller and engine control system in the general aviation turboprop market.

Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney Canada, a business unit of Pratt & Whitney, is rolling out a new engine model for its PT6 E-Series engine family, designed for Daher’s latest single-engine turboprop aircraft, the TBM 960, and promising less maintenance program.

“The PT6E-66XT motor, driven by over 100 digital data inputs, delivers the optimum combination of precision, performance and efficiency for a streamlined elevated flight experience.” said Nicholas Kanellias, Vice President, General Aviation, Pratt & Whitney Canada.

The digitally activated single lever simplifies engine operation and allows for more precise auto throttle and reduces rider operation and workload. The engine control system examines and processes all engine parameters and many aircraft parameters, making precise adjustments to fuel flow and propeller blade angle to deliver power and efficiency optimal during all phases of flight.

Pratt & Whitney said the control system uses data to provide consistent engine performance as well as increased engine take-off and climb power (+45 mechanical horsepower SHP) and increased thermodynamic horsepower (up to 4 % under international standard atmosphere conditions). The PT6E-66XT is also digitally connected through its Data Collection and Transmission Unit (DCTU), making full flight engine data accessible across multiple platforms, including mobile devices. Once the aircraft lands, engine flight data can be downloaded wirelessly, providing operators and maintainers with information on engine performance and status.

Engine scheduled maintenance intervals have been increased, including time between overhauls from 3,500 to 5,000 hours. The electronic control system removes hardware from the engine, resulting in a combined 40% reduction in scheduled maintenance.

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