Pratt & Whitney engine selected to power amphibious aircraft


Pratt & Whitney Canada, a subsidiary of the East Hartford-based aerospace manufacturer, announced this week that Amphibian Aerospace Industries Pty Ltd. had chosen the company’s PT6A-67F turboprop engine to power its G-111T twin-engine amphibious aircraft.

The new engines will be installed as part of a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) upgrade program. The original G-111 aircraft was powered by piston engines. Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Vice President of General Aviation, Nicholas Kanellias, said the company was happy to help with the “modernization” of the aircraft.

“The PT6A-67F engines, each with 1,700 mechanical shaft horsepower, will provide the G-111T with superior performance, longer range, and the benchmark reliability and reliability characteristics that are common to PT6A-powered aircraft” , Kanellias said in a statement this week. .

Pratt officials said the PT6A engine family has accumulated 425 million flight hours in its 50 years of operation.

Amphibian Aerospace Industries President Khoa Hoang said their company’s G-111T aircraft is “the only large transport-class passenger, cargo and utility amphibious aircraft on the market.”

“Due to its ability to land and take off from land and water, the G-111T is ideal for use in inland rivers, sea rescue, mountainous terrain and tropical river basins,” said Hoang.

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