Pactera EDGE Launches Digital Fraud Protection Solution: An AI-Powered Engine That Fights Next-Gen E-Commerce Crime



Will present its revenue protection solution at the MRC Vegas conference on March 7-12, 2022

Pactera EDGE, a world-class digital solutions provider for the intelligent, data-driven enterprise, today announced the launch of a new digital fraud protection solution that harnesses the power of AI and ML to detect and combat new and increasingly sophisticated forms of e-commerce fraud. . Pactera EDGE’s digital fraud protection solution covers purchase protection, account protection, and post-purchase dispute resolution to improve customers’ shopping experience while preventing loss of business revenue and strengthening sales transactions.

The company will showcase its new solution at Merchant Risk Council (MRC) Vegas, the industry’s leading fraud prevention and payments conference, being held at the ARIA Resort and Casino, March 7-12 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Our digital fraud protection solution uses adaptive AI technology to detect and prevent transactional e-commerce crimes,” said Pactera EDGE CEO Venkat Rangapuram, “In addition to preventing revenue loss and damage due to such breaches, our platform also inserts humans into the loop to improve business intelligence and operational efficiency for our clients.It is truly a game-changing approach.

According to Insider information, globally, e-commerce sales are expected to reach $6.169 trillion in 2023. The downside of this explosive growth is an increase in online fraud, much of which comes from a new generation of hackers. sophisticated. E-commerce businesses risk losing $130 billion in revenue due to a combination of fraudulent, cardless transactions and identity theft. More worryingly, this cost estimate does not take into account the reputational damage a brand faces when a successful attack or security breach occurs.

Pactera’s new EDGE solution, which leverages leading fraud detection platforms such as Microsoft’s DFP offering, is designed to detect and manage fraud for e-commerce organizations, mitigating the risk of suffering a criminal loss. It uses machine learning, profit optimization, and banking relationships to reduce chargebacks, decrease false positives, and increase bank acceptance rates.

“Our solution is powered by real-time intelligence and best-in-class machine learning models, designed and trained by our global team of risk mitigation experts,” said Vasudevan Sundarababu, Senior Vice President and Head of digital engineering at Pactera EDGE. “This important human-in-the-loop approach enables AI-powered platforms to detect, prevent and resolve digital fraud events accurately and faster, reducing financial loss and building consumer confidence.”

Pactera EDGE works with top Fortune 500 customers with a range of customer experience, data, intelligence and IT services, delivering award-winning solutions at enterprise scale.

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About Pactera EDGE

Pactera EDGE With a focus on data, intelligence and experience, Pactera EDGE helps customers achieve new levels of performance, while adding all-new digital business capabilities to drive relevance, revenue and growth. With clear vision, technology expertise, operational excellence and a global footprint, Pactera EDGE is the partner of choice for businesses that want to run smarter – and for those that want to change the race.

Pactera EDGE is a global organization with offices in the United States, Europe, India and Asia-Pacific. Customers include more than 100 of the Global 500 companies, with industry focus in Software & Technology, CPG, Retail, Logistics, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Food & Beverage , and travel and hospitality.

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