Outside critic, AAP launches twin engine in Delhi



Two weeks before the municipal elections, the Aam Aadmi party (AAP) on Monday launched a new campaign entitled “Kejriwal ki Sarkar, Kejriwal ka parshad”. At the campaign launch, senior AAP leader and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia also attacked the BJP and called it a party with no “vision”.

“People have chosen Arvind Kejriwal’s government for the second time because of the work he has done in Delhi in education, health, power, water etc. .. The BJP has been leading the MCD for 15 years, but it has not done any unique work, it has no agenda to rely on to show people the work it has done in the civic sector,” said Sisodia.

Claiming that the BJP only knows how to abuse CM Kejriwal and demand votes, he said “we will not indulge in their ‘tu tu, main main’”.

Even as the AAP pushes for ruling party uniformity in the State and the MCD, it has criticized the BJP’s ‘dual engine‘ narrative – of the same party in the State and the Center – elsewhere. In Gujarat, Kejriwal said the state needed a “naye engine ki sarkar” not a “double engine ki sarkaar”.

Sisodia, meanwhile, said on Monday, “Taking our abhiyaan to the next level, today we are launching our campaign. We know that Kejriwal will win and form the MCD government, but if the BJP wins even one or two seats in any district, they will not let the AAP government work in this area. They will interfere and try to stop the cleaning of garbage, the construction of roads, hospitals and the development of schools. So, I appeal to the people of Delhi to ensure that the Kejriwal government comes to power in the MCD and your ward councilor belongs only to the AAP.

Sisodia also called the BJP a party that spreads hatred and seeks votes by abusing Kejriwal, while Kejriwal and his party get votes by winning people’s hearts.

The AAP launched several campaigns such as “Kejriwal ka 20 guarantees” and “MCD mai bhi Kejriwal” in the run-up to the elections. The party also holds 500 daily meetings at the grassroots level and interacts with the public in an effort to win a majority of seats.

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