OnePlus 10R with HyperBoost Gaming Engine makes it a versatile gaming phone


OnePlus 10R with HyperBoost Gaming Engine makes it a versatile gaming phone
Image credits: OnePlus

Gambling was once considered a pastime for loners and couch potatoes, but it’s now a major activity. Bigger than Hollywood. And mobile games are very popular. However, there is one brand that handles things differently. Of course, we’re talking about OnePlus.

Rather than just focusing on features and aesthetics, the Never Settling brand has focused on delivering an amazing gaming experience without ever compromising on what makes a great phone.

With the OnePlus 9R and 9RT, he demonstrated to the world that a gaming phone could excel not only in games, but also in other activities. With the OnePlus 10R, it is now reinventing the mobile gaming experience.

OnePlus 10R – Full Features for Better Gaming Experience

OnePlus 10R - Full Features for Better Gaming Experience

OnePlus 10R – Full Features for Better Gaming Experience
Image credits: Utsav Techie

The OnePlus 10R delivers a gaming experience unmatched by any other device. And it does so without bragging about a gaming-oriented design or discussing specs and benchmarks. The phone has a distinctive appearance, with a dual-textured back and straight sides. It will grab people’s attention because it’s a wonderfully made gadget, not because of its gaming prowess.


However, when you start running games on it, this beauty transforms into a gaming beast. The 6.7-inch Full HD+ Fluid AMOLED display is not only crisp and bright, but it’s also a gamer’s paradise.

It boasts a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth scrolling and graphics, and it can go from 90Hz to 60Hz depending on the material displayed on the phone, which helps save battery life.

More importantly, it delivers an astonishing 1000Hz touch response, making it one of the most responsive displays available and ideal for gamers who rely on fractions of seconds to seize game initiative. that with twin stereo speakers that deliver superb sound, you have a multimedia beast in your hands in terms of sight and sound.

Powerful gaming-centric processor

High-end games like Call of Duty and Genshin Impact not only look great on this fantastic screen, but also play smoothly. This is made possible by the MediaTek Dimensity 8100-MAX octa-core processor, which has processor speeds of up to 2.85 GHz.

The CPU is the soul of the OnePlus 10R’s game, with 11% better multi-core performance and 20% better GPU performance over the MediaTek Dimensity 8000, as well as 25% better battery efficiency over chipsets Previous MediaTek Dimensities. Up to 12GB of super-fast LPDDR5 RAM and up to 256GB of highly efficient UFS 3.1 flash storage make gaming even more enjoyable.

The OnePlus 10R is powered by OnePlus’ acclaimed HyperBoost gaming engine, which adds a host of powerful gaming features for a rich, lag-free gaming experience. The most famous of these is the General Performance Adapter (GPA) frame stabilizer, which reduces frame rate volatility while gaming and provides a consistent gaming experience without glitches or hitches.

GPA monitors system performance in real time and uses proprietary AI computing models to precisely optimize CPU and GPU resources so that even if the frame rate drops during gameplay, they do so gradually rather than abruptly , having little influence on your gaming experience.

What’s more, the OnePlus 10R accomplishes all of this without ever losing its cool. Literally. OnePlus’ biggest and most sophisticated cooling system is in the OnePlus 10R. Its passive cooling system has the largest vapor chamber of any OnePlus smartphone to date.

It has a surface area of ​​nearly 4,100mm2 and features a new cooling film created from a new generation of high-performance graphite and graphene technology. The OnePlus 10R’s cooling system has a total cooling area of ​​almost 35,100 mm2. The phone won’t sweat no matter what you put it through.

Faster battery charging

OnePlus 10R Battery Faster Charging Capabilities

OnePlus 10R Battery Faster Charging Capabilities
Image credits: Utsav Techie

It also won’t run out of power easily. The OnePlus 10R not only has a huge 4500mAh battery that can easily last for several hours of gameplay, but it also has a special Endurance Edition that includes support for 150W SUPERVOOC charging as well as a 150 W charger in the package.

This charger can charge 30% battery in three minutes and full battery in 17 minutes. But that’s not all. There is also an 80W SUPERVOOC edition, which includes an 80W charger capable of charging a 5000mAh battery in just over half an hour. Whichever variant you choose, gaming on the OnePlus 10R is nearly uninterrupted.

The OnePlus 10R SUPERVOOC Endurance Edition also features an innovative Battery Health Engine to increase phone battery life while maintaining capacity. The maximum charging current is tracked and controlled by an intelligent battery algorithm to ensure it stays within a safe range.

This reduces the likelihood of dead lithium cells and extends battery life. Another important component of the Battery Health Engine is battery healing technology, which continuously repairs the electrodes throughout charge cycles.

This decreases the amount of damage to the anodes and cathodes of the battery while preserving its capacity. All of this ensures that the OnePlus 10R with 150W SUPERVOOC Endurance Edition battery retains 80% of its original capacity after 1,600 charge cycles.

Everything is also really safe. The SUPERVOOC 150W is approved by TU V Rheinland for fast and safe charging and has undergone extensive testing to ensure it provides a high quality charging experience.

Oxygen OS 12.1 ensures better gaming experience

All of this gaming and media magic seamlessly integrates into the normal operation of the OnePlus 10R, thanks to OnePlus’ iconic OxygenOS 12.1. The user interface is designed to be helpful without being invasive, and it makes the OnePlus 10R easy to use, bloatware-free.

OnePlus also ensures that OxygenOS is always up to date with frequent updates and fixes, so you can be sure that the OnePlus 10R will perform well over long distances.

Add to that a fantastic camera and amazing overall performance, and the OnePlus 10R emerges as the perfect gaming partner for anyone looking for a phone that can be used for both gaming and work. Players would be foolish to settle for less.

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