Oklahoma CareerTech Workplace Learning Search Engine Launched


TULSA, Okla. – Oklahoma CareerTech is launching a new program today called “Get Skilled Now.”

“Get Skilled Now” is a platform to connect employers to student work-based learning opportunities. It’s basically a search engine created by Oklahoma CareerTech with a company called Simplicity.

Students and employers can filter their search based on:

  • specific skills and certifications
  • types of technical programs
  • courses taken
  • educational institution
  • geographical location

Although the supply of work-based learning opportunities has been around for a long time, Oklahoma CareerTech says there hasn’t been a search engine like this before.

“Technology allows us to have a one-stop shop for employers to come and post their opportunities. It allows students to search for employers they might not otherwise have come into contact with,” says HL Baird, Liaison Officer for Oklahoma CareerTech.

In addition to making the connection, this program also manages the progression of learning. The program is also available through an app on your phone.

However, Baird says schools must register in order to benefit from this program for their students.

For more information on the program, Click here.

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