Offering intuitive data visualization, InetSoft offers a flexible cloud-based, Intelligence-like reporting engine


InetSoft meets the needs of companies looking to manage their data efficiently. Thanks to an intuitive reporting engine, namely Style Intelligence, InetSoft allows these companies to monitor their data, useful for making critical decisions. With this scalable, performance-driven reporting engine, businesses can turn raw data into a relevant resource.

UNITED STATES – InetSoft is an award-winning company that provides data-driven products. The company extends these products to ISVs, OEMs, SaaS providers and enterprises. InetSoft understands the importance of data in our modern times. That’s why the company offers Style Intelligence, a data reporting engine that can be integrated into a range of applications with extensive customization.

One of the main goals of InetSoft’s Style Intelligence is its scalability. The reporting engine offers advanced scalability. This scalability allows businesses to efficiently manage their data and create effective reports, regardless of the number of customers and variable metrics involved. The high throughput offered by Style Intelligence makes it a renowned report engine among users.

The data reporting engine offered by InetSoft also comes with out-of-the-box customization options. Businesses and organizations can customize the reporting engine to best suit their needs. With administrator-level configurations, customers can ensure that the engine works efficiently in their environment. In addition to that, configurable cache is a handy feature that significantly reduces end users’ waiting time.

One of the reps, while talking about Style Intelligence, said: “By providing a comprehensive set of performance-specific options, Style Intelligence is a fully configurable reporting solution. The Style Intelligence system administrator has the ability to control almost all server functions to modify its response and behavior. Using clustering and load balancing capabilities, the system can also be scaled without disturbing existing end users.

About InetSoft Technology Corp:

InetSoft Technology Corp was founded in 1996 with a mission to deliver valuable insights through data. The company provides data-driven products to help businesses reach their potential. InetSoft enables organizations and solution providers of all sizes to deploy or integrate comprehensive business intelligence solutions.

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