Northern Ireland DoH Selects Integration Engine for Single Patient Record


Image source: Highland Marketing

The Northern Ireland Department of Health (DoH) has chosen the Lyniate Rhapsody integration engine to support its development of a single electronic patient record.

It will use the engine as part of its overall program to create a single digital record for every citizen in the region, integrating multiple health and social care systems connecting it to the Epic patient electronic health record.

Rhapsody is expected to go live in 2023 as part of Epic’s rollout.

Dan West, Director of Digital Information at the DoH, said, “While Rhapsody operates behind the scenes, it ultimately helps improve frontline services for clinicians and patients.

“While continued efforts have increased the HSC’s workforce, the demand for services continues to outpace this expansion. The interoperability between our information and our systems as well as the deployment of the new clinical platform unlocks the potential that exists for digital to play an important role in closing the capability gap.

“Having Rhapsody in our IT infrastructure will help Northern Ireland become the first country in the UK to have a single, connected electronic patient record. The solution will also help future proof our IT environment so that we can be more cost and time efficient for healthcare professionals and service users, allowing us to focus on delivering the best care. safest and of the highest quality to the people of Northern Ireland.

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