New Zengine Engine Diagnostic Kit


In the wake of COVID-19, consumer behavior has changed and people are keeping their cars longer than ever before. Imagine having diagnostic knowledge about the health of an engine and using that information to avoid costly repairs, let alone provide vital data to anyone looking to buy or sell their car.

This is where Zengine ™ comes in.

Newly launched, Zengine ™ is a leading-edge testing and analysis service for people to understand the condition of their engine and oil in anything from cars to motorcycles and even pleasure boats. It’s like an engine blood test that gives individuals detailed information and offers peace of mind to owners, sellers and buyers looking for insight into the condition of almost any vehicle equipped with a combustion engine. internal.

As sophisticated as the tests and results are, purchasing and using a Zengine ™ sampling kit couldn’t be easier. Kits are available at, and taking an oil sample can be taken in minutes from your home or garage and returned to Zengine Laboratories for testing.

No stone is overlooked in the full and comprehensive review of the oil sample, where 29 different data points are analyzed to determine engine condition and recommend possible solutions. Analyzing the health of an engine can provide the owner with early insight into potential issues such as fuel leaks in the engine, head gasket issues, bearing issues and more.

The result is called a Zengine ™ score, a proprietary scoring system that provides a user-friendly assessment of engine health. The Zengine ™ score indicates whether the engine should run smoothly or if there are potential problem areas that require immediate or future attention.

Zengine ™ uses the same type of testing and diagnostic service that has been used over the past 80 years with engines in industrial environments, now making this testing experience more widely available to individuals and their vehicles.

The benefits of Zengine ™ are obvious to anyone looking to identify ways to improve performance or help extend the life of an engine. Recognizing engine problems early helps identify repairs before a vehicle’s warranty expires and more.

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