MotorCloud: search engine aims to streamline car buying

BROOMFIELD, Colorado –

MotorCloud car buyers search engine says it allows users to search once and see all vehicle listings anywhere online, streamlining the car buying experience using the Google model. . It was launched in late August at the Digital Dealer 27 event.

MotorCloud claims to have modernized automotive research by combining what it describes as the most comprehensive vehicle inventory database with “the simple elegance of a clean search engine interface.”

MotorCloud claims to have compiled 5.2 million vehicle listings and claims its interface “works blazingly fast on mobile.”

On the ad-free platform, sponsored search results are clearly identified, according to MotorCloud. This, MotorCloud says, allows users to “act with knowledge.”

With the launch, MotorCloud says it “shatters the myth of transparent search.”

MotorCloud says it indexes the largest inventory of new and used vehicles on the internet. It does this with 15 years of competitive sets on vehicles, through its parent company DealersLink.

“So we have the deepest explored datasets on the planet, from publicly accessible sites and some private sector platforms as well,” MotorCloud said in a press release. “Then we add inventory feeds directly to dealerships across the country. We aggregate all listings and include them in your search results.

The company said the user experience is easier, faster, and more comprehensive because users don’t have to bookmark multiple sites, enter searches on different platforms, and “tinker with the results.” to understand the market.

MotorCloud says its market analysis and pricing technology was previously only available to dealers, but has now put it at the service of the user.

“They can rest assured that they’ve bought every car in the market and that their vehicle analysis is based on the whole market when they search MotorCloud,” MotorCloud said.

MotorCloud said sellers would like its pay-as-you-go model, noting that in order to engage with buyers, the site had to be attractive to sellers as well. Dealers can list their cars on for free and can pay to get sponsored ads to the top of search results.

Plus, dealers only pay for the purchase of shares on their cars: vehicle views, clicks, leads, and phone calls.

This means that there are no contracts or setup fees, and their account credits never expire. With this service, dealers looking to supplement their own inventory at a reduced price often make quick cash offers.

The company said its MotorCloud app is a quick way to list a vehicle for sale. Users can scan it, take photos, and upload a price – or store listings in their area. By scanning a VIN or license plate, they can see all similar cars within their search radius.

Because of all of these attributes, MotorCloud describes itself as “the inevitable next step in deploying the Internet as a force for the benefit of users around the world.”

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