Moonstrike using the Unreal Engine launches the game


Moonstrike is a blockchain-based game developed on Binance Smart Chain. The game is a multiplayer shooter game and development based on Unreal Engine AAA quality.

Moonstrike is a blockchain-based game that includes a game-to-win component and first- and third-person shooter. Players can build their base and compete with other players on the moon in the game.

The platform is built on Binance Smart Chain and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. This technology is used to create the highest quality 3D games with AAA ratings. Users will gain access to unique design enhancements by purchasing NFTS and using it in-game.

One of the critical aspects of the platform is its high-end gameplay and designs, which are hinted at in the crypto metaverse. Players of all levels will have access to the Moonstrike gaming platform. The game is available now on desktop computers, offering challenging gameplay for those who are intrigued.

Players will be able to control soldiers on the moon in this game, competing for control of essential points and resources on the battlefield. Users with character models and unique weapons, resources, and vehicles will have access to a range of NFT features to manage and control the NFT-based player economy.

The platform also includes components such as squad-based 5v5 FPS warfare and building and land ownership. Players will be able to collect and trade NFT-based items and other resources such as vehicles, base facilities, and plots. Additionally, during PVP games, players will be able to use items such as weapons and consumables to gain an edge over the competition.

The Unreal Engine produced by Moonstrike is quite useful in gaming. It offers the competition a visually stunning gaming universe that stays true to what dedicated gamers have come to expect from the newest AAA games in the market. Although still in its infancy, combat physics demonstrates a deep understanding of the genre and a clear desire to build a solid reality within the game. Players will acquire and sell items that generate return as the game progresses. game is developing, thanks to the elements of the NFT blockchain.

The first screenshots of Moonstrike have been revealed. Players can notice the exceptional quality of the lunar surface in these screenshots, which is due to the use of Unreal Engine. This may pique the interest of many professional gamers and investors looking to invest in a game that offers fair and healthy combat rivalry while returning double the amount invested.

Moon Strike is a new NFT Play-to-Earn game based on blockchain technology that will be released soon. The platform is a unique addition to the NFT gaming market to win, integrating high-quality first-person shooter PVP action with base-building and resource-gathering elements.

For more information, players can visit the website here. Additionally, for more updates, players can follow Moonstrike’s Twitter or join its community on Telegram or Discord.

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