Modi calls for the pursuit of the “twin-engine” government. in Goa


Prime Minister Narendra Modi practically sounded the bugle for next year’s Goa Assembly elections on Saturday and expressed the need for the pursuit of a ‘twin-engine’ government to achieve the vision of making Goa self-sufficient .

Mr. Modi interacted with the beneficiaries and stakeholders of the “Aatmanirbhar Bharat Swayampurna Goa program” by videoconference.

His reference to the “dual engine” was to the BJP governments in Central and BJP-led Goa, where polls are due to take place in February.

The polling scene started to heat up with Trinamool (TMC) congressional supremo Mamata Banerjee on Saturday saying she would be making her first visit to Goa on October 28. She called on political parties and individuals to join her party in defeating the BJP.

The TMC has already announced its decision to run for office.

“Goa can become ‘swayampurna’ [self-sufficient] only when it uses 100% of the development pathways and possibilities, ”Modi said, adding that“ Swayampurna Goa ”is a way to meet the aspirations of ordinary people.

“Swayampurna Goa is an assurance of the well-being and health of our mothers and sisters. It will provide employment and self-employment opportunities for young people and the unemployed.

The Prime Minister said it was not just a five-month or five-year program, but that it was the first phase of the vision for the next 25 years.

Each of Goa will have to contribute to achieving this goal, he said.

“This is why Goa needs further development through a twin-engine government. Goa needs clear policies like today and a stable government, ”he said.

He also said the coastal state needed “strong leadership like today”.

“With the blessings of all of Goa, we can make the state swayampurna.”

Goan Chief Minister Pramod Sawant greeted the Prime Minister at the event.

The implementation of the “Aatmanirbhar Bharat Swayampurna Goa” program started on October 2 of last year.

According to the Goa government, this regime brings the benefits of all state and central government regimes to the doorstep of the people. Officers, teachers and students reach out to each panchayat to ensure that each village becomes self-reliant by tapping into the resources available locally. Mr Modi said Goa plays a key role in the tourism, travel and hospitality industry.

He said tourism states, including Goa, were encouraged by the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

“When the country crossed the 100 crore [of COVID-19] doses, Goa was the first state to achieve 100% first-dose immunization for its eligible population.

The prime minister said the vaccination target helped build confidence among the population and tourists.

“Now, when you prepare for Deepavali, Christmas and New Years, during these holidays, we will be able to see new energy in the tourism sector of Goa. “

The prime minister said the arrival of domestic and international tourists will increase, which is a positive sign for the state’s tourism industry.

Praising the BJP government led by Sawant, he said Goa achieved the goals of the “Har Ghar Jal” program, a free ration for the needy and also achieved 100% coverage by administering the first dose of vaccine. .

Mr. Modi spoke with Goa government official Isha Sawant, Betalbhatim panchayat sarpanch Costancio Miranda, Bicholim Kundal Falari city council chairman, fishing industry representative Louis Cardoso and tea stand owner Rurki Ahmad Rajasahab, who is disabled.

The Prime Minister said that the “Swayampurna Goa” program reflects the unified efforts of the community to work towards self-reliance.

“The Union government wants to take all projects to the last level and Goa has played an important role in this central government effort,” he said.

Mr. Modi said the central government has increased funding for Goa’s rural infrastructure five-fold to boost sectors such as agriculture and fisheries.

He said that the production of fruits and vegetables increased by 40% while the production of milk increased by 20%. “The Goa government also made a record purchase of produce from farmers. “

Mr Modi said fishermen should also focus on the fish processing industry rather than relying on selling raw products.

He said raw fish from India is exported to other Asian countries from where it is processed and exported. “We should encourage fish processing units in India.”

In the 2017 Assembly polls, Congress won the top 17 seats in the 40-member House, limiting the BJP to 13. Surprising Congress, the Saffron Party allied with regional parties and is came to power under the leadership of the late leader Manohar. Parrikar.

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