Microsoft’s Bing may soon replace Google as Firefox’s default search engine


Mozilla is currently testing Microsoft’s Bing as the default search engine for Firefox according to its latest Announcement of the SUMO study for the month of September. The message states that as of the 6th of this month, approximately 1% of the total Firefox desktop user base has been through these early tests. Mozilla expects this testing phase to continue for about five months and end in January next year.

Starting September 6, 2021, 1% of the Desktop user base will experience Bing as their default search engine. The study will last until early 2022 and will likely be completed by the end of January.

For those unfamiliar, SUMO stands for and according to the browser giant, these studies are “part of optimizing the Firefox experience” for all users. A list of “completed studies” is available for viewing if you launch “about:studies” in the browser address bar.

Although we don’t know why Mozilla might want to replace Google as the default search engine for Firefox with Bing, German blogger Sören Hentzschel speculates that the Mozilla team might experiment with Microsoft’s Bing for the future as a search engine. current. Mozilla-Google search agreement should be finished next year. So Bing could be Mozilla’s safety net in case the search contract with Google isn’t extended further.

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