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Emory Libraries is launching a new library search engine that will make searches easier and more comprehensive for users.

Library Search will debut on January 6, but the beta is available now. Emory students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use the new search engine for a test drive at and provide feedback either by emailing [email protected] or using the feedback form in the app.

“We’re excited to be able to improve the search functionality for the campus community,” says University Librarian and Dean Yolanda Cooper. “The platform will provide a more robust search experience and better highlight the many formats available in library resources. “

Some of the enhanced features include enhancements to the search and advanced search functions that allow users to create a more precise search with restricted results. An improved user interface will provide a more intuitive search experience, notes Cari Lovins, director of digital programs and client services at Emory University libraries.

A note for the faculty

Project managers ask professors to pay close attention until the end of December if they have any saved research or permalinks referenced via discover, the library’s current search engine, said Lovins.

“We’re working to make sure the links and searches saved in DiscoverE still work,” Lovins says. “In the meantime, we ask faculty to update any saved research or permalinks in their documentation referenced in DiscoverE to the new library research for the spring semester.”

Instructions and help articles are forthcoming and will be available on the Main library site.

The project is in its first phase: integrating the catalog of Emory libraries into Blacklight (an open source platform that was also used to develop Emory digital collections, the new digital repository, early 2020). The product will continue to be refined and developed in the following phases.

Emory Libraries searched for a new search engine product after receiving feedback from library users. The goal of the project is to improve the discovery layer to enable faculty, students and researchers to conduct meaningful searches of Emory library collections and enable them to quickly find materials.

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