Letting the engine of your vehicle idle results in a fine of 300 Dh


Abu Dhabi motorists who leave the ignition of their vehicle and go to ATMs to withdraw cash or the grocery store to buy things are being closely watched – and could be fined Dh300.
Image Credit: Ahmed Kutty / Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Leaving vehicles with the engine running will result in a fine of Dh300, Abu Dhabi police said on Sunday, warning people their vehicles could also be stolen.

They said motorists who leave the ignition of their vehicles on and go to ATMs to withdraw cash or groceries to collect belongings are closely watched and can be fined $ 300. Dh, in addition to the risk of their cars being stolen.

Colonel Mubarak Saif Al Sabousi, director of the police department of the Al Ain region, said some people even leave their children, especially toddlers inside cars, which can lead to a suffocation and possible death.

Such things mainly happen in the summer, when temperatures soar, he added.

Abu Dhabi police, who are carrying out awareness campaigns against such practices, hope motorists will be more careful when tempted to leave their vehicle’s ignition on while shopping, go to distributors. ticket machines and even visit gas stations.

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