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Loongson Zhongke’s latest 2K1000LA processor is now eligible for the OpenHarmony operating system. The cooperation has completed the first process of its intelligent processor and has achieved good results.

According to information, Honghu Wanlian (Jiangsu) Technology recently joined the Loongson cooperation. Both parties proposed to develop an ultimate processor capable of supporting protocols independent of the OpenHarmony system.

To date, the Loongson processor has completed the first OpenHarmony compatibility application. Moreover, it has also obtained the Open Atomic Open Source Foundation Green Product Eligibility Certificate.

The entries reveal that these processors are the first Chinese chipsets to successfully enter the compatibility cycle.

Loongson 2K1000LA processor

The definitive processor is a low-power chipset that will be used for industrial management and terminal areas. The companies made the chipset for general and regular purposes.

Also, this series of chipsets carries a peripheral interface. Therefore, the frame includes two PCI2.0, one SATA 2.0, four USB 2.0, two DVO, 64-bit DDR2/3 memory and several efficient interfaces. Additionally, these processors are now compatible to support LoongArch architecture-independent instruction sets.

Alternatively, these items will help industries and work-related fields. For example, electric power, rail transport, petroleum and petrochemicals, new energies, smart manufacturing, industrial Internet and network security.

A few days ago, Loongson announced the completion of the 2K0500 processor for the OpenHarmony system. This processor is a highly integrated chipset based on the 64-bit LA264 architecture.

At this time, the two Chinese technology manufacturers are planning the upcoming procedures for the respective processors. So far, we have reached several products that are trying to become eligible for the OpenHarmony system. Let’s see what new inventions we will see in the times to come.


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