Launch of the ethical clothing search engine in the United States and…


Ethical clothinga search engine for sustainable and ethical clothing, is coming to North America.

Founded in Barcelona, ​​Ethical Clothing has the simple goal of making it easier to choose ethically when buying clothes and accessories.

With the Internet oversaturated with big brands and greenwashing, it is often difficult to find small brands with positive impacts.

Unless you’re an expert, it’s easy to fall into the traps of greenwashing or failing to find inadequate information about a brand – but it’s also time-consuming.

In fact, two-thirds of Americans are willing to pay for sustainable products, but most (74%) don’t know how to identify them.

Let’s face it: fast fashion is easier to find, but the cost is way too high.

But that’s where ethical clothing comes in.

What is ethical clothing?

Ethical Clothing is an online search engine for ethical and sustainable clothing and accessories, enabling consumers to use their wallet to support positive impact brands.

Currently, Ethical Clothing is a platform that showcases Europe’s top ethical retailers, with future plans for ranking and rating each product listed.

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“74% of Americans don’t know how to identify sustainable products”

The Ethical Clothing search engine allows customers to filter by gender, price and type of product, as well as the materials used.

With hundreds of brands on the platform, Europe already loves Ethical Clothing.

Now, coinciding with the North American launch, there is now a section showcasing hundreds of ethical fashion brands from the US and Canada.

That’s not all, as Ethical Clothing has developed additional tools to help customers with consumer difficulties – including a price drop alert that notifies users of deals across the store.

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They also provide a comprehensive Fashion Footprint Calculator, to encourage consumers to learn and engage with the impact of fast fashion habits.

Ethical Clothing hopes the platform will encourage shoppers to shop more sustainably in addition to gaining recognition for smaller brands.

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