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Oakville, Canada, January 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

CrashBay, an automotive e-commerce company that provides an online marketplace for auto repair in the United States and Canada, has launched a search engine feature for auto repair.

More information on the launch can be found by visiting

The recently launched search feature allows users to find thousands of qualified repair shops in one online marketplace. A wide range of auto repair shops in the United States and Canada is listed on the site. Similar to concepts like – CrashBay helps car owners and stores find each other easily.

It is ideal for individuals who wish to have their car repaired quickly after an accident or for regular maintenance by qualified professionals from the local community. The service will soon expand globally and allow car owners to find and book repairs in seconds.

Individuals can find a repair shop near their home by visiting the website and entering the name of the city in the search bar. The search function will then generate a list of nearby auto repair shops.

Customers can then register for a repair via an online calendar on the site. After booking, their appointment will be confirmed by SMS.

Interested parties can find auto repair shops in their area by visiting

As part of their launch in 2019, qualified local auto repairers can register with CrashBay to be listed on the site. To do this, they must apply for membership. CrashBay’s sophisticated algorithm can identify and segment stores by rating and category.

After submitting a membership application, the company will conduct a prequalification assessment, select a plan, and place a live calendar of their availability on the website.

Customers will be able to search for the auto repair company and reserve a niche on their calendar. The search and reservation service is free for car owners, insurers, fleets, ridesharing and ridesharing companies.

For stores, listing includes several benefits for auto repair businesses, including increased brand visibility, access to a wide variety of benefits in the marketplace, and the ability to book additional work.

CrashBay is an online marketplace for auto repair in the United States and Canada, founded by John Harvey. Harvey has identified a confusing, fragmented and inconsistent process and seeks to help modernize and streamline the process for car owners who want to easily find a qualified store.

The company’s mission is to make auto repair easier for everyone by providing a search function that allows users to find pre-qualified repairs in one search engine.

They are passionate about connecting car owners with qualified bodybuilders, insurers and fleet management companies.

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Contact information:
Name: CrashBay Marketplace Services
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Address: 295 Robinson St., Suite 100 (90 Church St. Floor 1, # 3514, New York, NY 10007, USA), Oakville, Ontario L6J 1G7, Canada
Phone: + 1-833-629-2229


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