Kronoz Technologies Explains How Disrupting a Vertical Search Engine Helps Local Businesses Thrive


DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / December 29, 2021 / There is a certain skepticism that goes with trying a new business, and for good reason. Without enough information about a business, consumers don’t feel like they can make informed decisions.

The co-founders of Crowns Explain that out of a sample of 7,361 companies, 88% of them do not have a way to book online, and of those that do, less than 20% list their services with an initial price.

Kronoz adds that 35% of clients prefer to make an appointment outside of office hours. 28% of small businesses have no website at all, and 1 in 4 customers under 35 will only book online. By providing vertical results and business profiles, consumers quickly gain a better understanding of a business.

Opportunities for local businesses

Kronoz explains that by disrupting the current lead generation, they can drive consumers to specific businesses in the region. Businesses sign up for free, get leads, and grow their business. Companies that join the communications platform get accurate data, real-time collaboration, and end-to-end integrations.

Platforms like this help you and your business connect with people who are looking for the services you offer. Your profile will be displayed and you will be connected for free with customers in your region. Make sure your business is there at the right time, so it’s easy to find when customers need your services. Stop bidding on leads and start seeing results.

Find local businesses for guaranteed satisfaction

For consumers, it is a communication platform connected to dozens of service providers. With a few clicks or with a simple voice command, you can connect to a wide variety of online and local businesses where you can compare prices and book services.

Search the online platform and partner with local suppliers to book services offered with up-front prices and easily manage custom jobs. Local markets on offer include automotive, education, beauty and wellness, finance, home and business, fitness, medical appointments, and professional services. Kronoz will book the service for you so that you can save time, money and energy.

Find Trusted Companies

Local Kronoz businesses have successfully passed background, insurance and license checks. They offer a money back guarantee for all the services provided. If they do not complete the job or service to your satisfaction, Kronoz will reimburse you.

Kronoz co-founders say, “We provided over $ 1 million in services in the first 9 months after the platform launched. We just want consumers to find and interact with local businesses with confidence, knowing that we offer fully vetted local professionals, up-front pricing, and easy planning.

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