Karnataka facing the “double-engine dhoka”, according to Siddaramaiah


Opposition leader Siddaramaiah blamed the BJP for the “great injustice” he said Prime Minister Narendra Modi inflicted on Karnataka by providing aid to flood victims.

“This is not a two-engine government. It’s a dual-engine dhoka, ”he said, referring to promises made that the BJP in power both in the state and in the center would benefit Karnataka.

Siddaramaiah spoke about the flood situation in the Assembly. He said 23 of the 31 districts were affected by the floods.

“So far you (the government) have submitted four memoranda to the Center – one in July, one in July-August, one revised in July-August and one in October-November,” he said.

“The year is about to end. Did the Center give you a single rupee, ”he asked.

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Siddaramaiah said that Karnataka contributes 3 million lakh rupees in the form of income tax, tariffs, additional excise duties on fuel and other taxes.

“How much does Karnataka receive in return? Just Rs 50,000 crore to Rs 55,000 crore. What is the contribution of the UP, Bihar, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh? What is their share in the NDRF funds and what is ours, ”asked Siddaramaiah.

Reading annual statistics, Siddaramaaiah said that the state’s share of centrally funded programs increased from 25% in 2013-14 to 55% in 2020-2021.

“Prime Minister Modi is inflicting great injustice on Karnataka and the 25 members of BJP Lok Sabha are not speaking out against it,” he said.

The former chief minister attacked the BJP on Karnataka’s share in the divisible tax pool, dropping from Rs 39,000 crore to Rs 21,000 crore.

“It happened right in front of your eyes and you remain silent,” he said.

According to the congressman, the state has suffered crop losses on more than 13 lakh hectares, or 35 lakh acres.

“Compensation has yet to be paid to farmers for crop losses over 20 lakh acres,” he said.

He further accused that the ministers in charge of the districts had not functioned. “Ask any minister, they say there is no money because of Covid-19. If they can’t deliver, let them go. We will come (to power) and manage one way or another, ”he said.

Revision requested

Speaking to the Council, Revenue Minister R Ashoka said the government had written to the Center asking for an increase in the rate of compensation for crop losses under the NDRF. The rates are revised once every five years, he said, and added that compensation of Rs 787.29 crore had been paid to 12 lakh farmers so far.

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