It’s worth it | ‘Android Simulator’ is an FPS powered by Unreal Engine 5, playtests and demo coming soon


Keep a firm hand on the flight route and manage the right water balance for plants, oxygen level, and spacecraft settings to safely deliver colonizers.

The well-being of its inhabitants, the fulfillment of their wishes and needs and many more will be in your hands. But just to be clear – they’re currently in cryosleep so they won’t be able to tell you what they need, you’ll have to find it on your own.

Android Simulator allows a player to have full control over a colony of spaceships. Manage its flight path, take care of its power supply, let your botanical garden grow, and many more. The success of the mission will be in your hands.

Your job will be to complete the main mission with as few losses as possible. Along with the common thread, each gameplay will feature random events, making each new game a different journey.

Interested fans can join Android Simulator Playtests in mid-May, while a playable demo will also be available during the Steam Nextfest demo festival this summer (June 13-June 20).

Android Simulator is being developed using Unreal Engine 5, the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D authoring tool. It enables the creation of breathtaking content and experiences. Thanks to this engine, games can have more detail than ever before and create bigger worlds than ever before.

And Android Simulator will use all of this.

Main characteristics:

  • Power source: Take good care of the energy level of your colony of ships. Keep an eye on the power demand. Your ship will consume energy depending on the force of propulsion, the power of active shields, oxygen generators and other parameters. If something goes wrong, you must react by shutting down the appropriate ship modules.
  • Colonizers: The ship you are in charge of is filled with 36 cryogenic capsules. Each capsule contains outstanding scientists and selected hibernating breeders. It’s your job to do checkups on your patients and keep an eye on the technical status of the capsules.
  • Botanical Garden: The Colony ship is autonomous. Oxygen and supplemental food are provided by plants, and it is your responsibility to provide suitable climatic conditions for plant growth. Control parameters such as air humidity, temperature and hydration level.
  • Navigation: Control and manipulate the flight route according to changing conditions. During the game, you will encounter random events such as meteor shower damage, escaping planetary gravity, system failures, or exploring abandoned asteroids.
  • Medicine: Hibernating colonizers may suffer from ailments related to their long space flight. Some will become patients and may require your medical attention. Manage lab tests and decide on treatment method.
  • Mechanical: It is also your job to take care of the technical condition of your spacecraft. You need to repair damaged components and make dynamic decisions about technical difficulties.

Android Simulator is in development for PC (Steam).

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